Confusion prevails as President Saleh changes his stance for not leaving Yemen
06 Jan 2012 05:55 GMT
After the President Saleh’s declaration through the government’s officials for not leaving the country suspicions are mounted up in Yemen that the outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh may be trying to wiggle out of a US backed deal that would retain his 33 year old autocratic rule and would not put it to an end.

The leaders in both opposition and key positions in Government who were close to the President have been showing the possibilities of President for not giving off his powers. Opposition said on Thursday that “we remain unconvinced for Saleh being serious at all for letting go of his powers as the President.” Opposition and government officials both have shown their worries that President might be planning to use the country’s continued unrest as his escape and position on the grounds of labeling the agenda on to the role of active Al-Qaeda, the President would show his worries of country being taken over by Al-Qaeda if he is thrown out of power, which may appeal to the Security Council.

A total of 10 months of protest against the rule of Saleh caused him to sign a deal powered by US and his powerful neighbors in gulf Saudi Arabia, stating that he should pass the power to the Vice President in exchange of immunity from prosecution for his alleged crimes of mass killing. This was done while he resided in the office and after six weeks Saleh still is in power and not ready to transfer his rule.

The Yemeni state media is still showing loyalty and declaring Saleh as their leader and have shown no contradictions for him to give off his powers. “The President is taking time as he is not convinced on to the reasons why he has to leave his power, so he will resist with all his remaining force,” stated by ruling party figure in Saleh’s government.

Further adding flare to the situation Saleh has also changed his tune this week on his plans of moving to US. While mediators were sure that the President would go to US for his treatment on wounds caused by a blast in June at his residence. The variable statements are not only confusing but are also adding an ambience of knowing what’s true and what’s not. As in late December, Saleh said he would go to US  to help calm the prevailing chaos in Yemen and later on Saturday, he announced his refusal, that he would stay.

While US has also been slow on accepting or declining the Visa application put forward by Saleh. As protestors want him prosecuted for his mass killings and crackdowns officials in Washington have stated that this might cause loss of trust among Syrians which US does not want to happen. Now on Wednesday, a leader in Saleh’s ruling General People’s Congress party said Saleh had decided to remain in Yemen in response to concerns that his departure could result in a bad decision for Yemen and the ruling party.

The opposition has claimed that President has been playing games with the government. “we have seen Saleh doing this over and over again he should be stopped and taken off powers immediately, US wants Yemen to be in their control and that is why this whole mess of Al-Qaeda’s rule is being created,” said opposition leader Mohammed Sabri. While Yemeni officials believe that Saleh and US are using the scare tactics to undo the protests. While government and media keeps their target stated in front of US that Al-Qaida remains active in Yemen. Military officials said four soldiers and six militants were killed on Thursday near the southern city of Zinjibar to present the violent retaliation of Al-Qaeda and protestors.

Favors to the militants have also been put forward to manipulate the chaotic situation. According to the Gulf initiative, Presidential elections are planned for February 21, 2012 and Saleh is forbidden from running the system. The parties to take part in the elections have also said that Saleh’s Vice President, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi would also be forbidden to run the campaign as it would be in Saleh’s name.

While the focus has been on the President Saleh’s son and nephew continues to take the militant violence to the next level by enforcing arms and equipment into the current political unrest. At a meeting of ruling party officials this week, party leaders have accused the Defense Minister of cooperating with the opposition by not naming Saleh’s associates to high security posts. Opposition said that it’s Saleh who’s using such tactics by putting the media in his favor and not allowing the world to know what really is going on in the country.

Yemen expert Gregory Johnsen of Princeton University while commenting on the complex situation said that “Saleh may have lost supporters but regardless of his rule for 3 decades he has managed to have strong allies all over Yemen and in the Arab world. While President has openly declared that he intends to play a major role in future Yemeni politics, which would be facilitated by all his allies”

-- Al Arabiya Digital