Dominating Drone Economy
16 Dec 2011 04:02 GMT
The hot news in Islamic world is the drone shot down by Iran. Iran claimed that the drone that was attacked by the US was taken down by the help of cyber warfare team. Iran is one of the countries in the Muslim world who have always been the target of America for its pro-Islamic agenda and stance against Israel. Iran did not shoot it out but took it down safely.

There are many things that are clear by this action. First of all, the country has a strong strategy for what to do and what not. The strong decision made instantly about the drone shows not only the strong decision but concerned about the technology as well. The country did not only take it down but also leaked out the news in media and propagated it as it was important for the national integrity of Iran. According to a few reports that were leaked out, the US is considering Iran one of the sensitive observation raised area for the fleet of Central Investigation Agency (CIA). However, the US is denying the involvement of the Iran in CIA.

The drone attack by the US is not only the Iran’s concern but the whole Islamic world. Muslim world has seen many attacks by the US on Islamic countries. Such attacks do not raise hatred for the US but also for the establishment at that country. The situation in Afghanistan is clear before everybody. Drone attacks are continuously killing the citizens in the name of war against terror. Such attacks cause instability in the country and give a raise to the terrorism activities.

Afghan and Pakistani people have developed a psyche against the establishment of their country due to the vicious attacks by the US. Those who support the establishment are either far away from the target area or have no concern with the situation around. These attacks have badly affected the countries and both countries are being destabilized. After Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan is suffering the cruelty of US militants. Iran has always stood against the American policies for Muslim countries. The US has always been annoyed by the Iran foreign policy that is against the American policy towards Islamic countries.

The economic perspective in this regard cannot be ignored. Those who are unable to think about the increased use of drone are supporting a big industry of weapons. According to a rough estimate, the drone manufacturers have captured 95 billion dollar economy which is a big amount that is would be spent for the developmental purposes can erase the poverty in many third world countries. It seems as if there is a race of drone arms in the world. In Gaza, civilians are afraid of drone attacks that can ruin the civilians’ life in the name of war against terror.

Chinese contractors have also worked on 25 types of the aircrafts in 2010. The number of aircrafts that are aerial based and have no men in it is increasing every moth which is an alarming situation for the whole world. Is it economy that drives the world or the ideology?

-- Al Arabiya Digital