Reciting Qasîdah al-Burdâ
27 Aug 2011 06:31 GMT
Please kindly explain the background of the poem entitled Qasîdah al-Burdâ which is gaining prominence in some parts of the UK, mainly among youngsters. What is your opinion on the content, recitation and memorization of this poem?

Answered by

the Permanent Committee of Saudi Arabia for Fatwâ and Research

Reading the poem entitled Qasîdah al-Burdâ in a course of worship is an innovation. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever comes with something new in our religion will be rejected.”

There is no reward to be gained whatsoever from reading it.

This poem, in fact, contains outright polytheism. The following, which all discuss the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), are examples of this polytheism:

The author says, referring to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): “You, who are the glorious among all creation, I have no one else to seek refuge with except you whenever I face a great calamity.”

Another clear example of polytheism is the following: “If you will not be with me there (in the Hereafter) taking me by my hand, as a favor from you, otherwise, someone should say: it is the wrong step.”

He also says: “Part of your generosity is this life and its companion (the Hereafter), and some of your knowledge is the knowledge of the tablet and the pen.”

In fact this poem should not be read at all, and, obviously, it has nothing in it to please Allah. However, it is alright to read it purely to show the falsehood of its contents.

May Allah guide us all.

Source: Islam Today

-- Al Arabiya Digital