The first part of Ramadan is mercy....
27 Aug 2011 05:52 GMT
There is a hadîth that divides Ramadan into three periods. Is this hadîth authentic?

Answered by

Sheikh Muhammad al-Turkî, professor at King Sa`ûd University

There is a hadîth in Sunan al-Bayhaqî that reads:

“The first part of Ramadan is mercy, the second part is forgiveness, and the third part is emancipation from the Fire.”

This hadîth is weak. The reason of the weakness of this hadîth is the narration of Salâm b. Siwâr through Maslamah b. al-Salt.

Ibn `Adî said about Salâm: “His hadîth are false”

Abû Hâtim described Maslamah by saying: “His hadith are to be neglected.”

[See: Silsilah al-Ahâdîth al-Sahîhah by al-Albânî (No. 1569 and 871)]

Source: Islam Today

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