Woman being hung in Hell by her hair - a false narration
27 Aug 2011 05:48 GMT
A Muslim lady who leaves her hair open, what is her punishment? When the Prophet (peace be upon him) went on his night journey, did he see a lady being hung up in the Hellfire by her hair? Is this true?

Answered by

Sheikh `Umar al-Muqbil, professor at al-Imâm University

The hadîth that the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw a woman hanging in the Hellfire by her hair was cited in a narration allegedly by `Ali b. Abî Tâlib from the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is a long hadîth depicting many frightening and horrible things.

However, it is a false hadîth concocted and disseminated by some ignorant people in order to frighten women. It is unlawful to fabricate hadîth and to lie to frighten people.

The eminent scholar Sheikh Bin Bâz has already issued a verdict on the falseness of this hadîth [Verdict No. 19493].

Source: Islam Today

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