Latecomer offers opening supplication - & misses reading the Fatihah
27 Aug 2011 02:27 GMT
A person arrives at the congregational prayer late and the imam is still standing. The person follows the ruling that he is supposed to recite Sûrah al-Fâtihah even when he prays in congregation. He realizes that if he foregoes the opening supplication and starts his prayer by reciting Sûrah al-Fâtihah, he will have ample time to complete reciting it before the imam bows down. However, if he recites the opening supplication, he will be unable to read Sûrah al-Fâtihah. What is best for him to do in this situation? Should he forego the opening supplication or read it?

Answered by

Sheikh Muhammad b. Sâlih al-`Uthaymîn

If the worshipper joins the congregation late, while the imam is still standing, he should enter into his prayer with the initial takbîr (takbîrah al-ihrâm) then proceed to offer the opening supplication (du`â’ al-istiftâh). He should then commence with reciting Sûrah al-Fâtihah if there is still time, and read as much of it as he can.

If there is enough time for him to recite Sûrah al-Fâtihah in full before the imam bows, well and good.

If not, he will be exempted from reading it, since he did not get a chance to do so before the imam bowed.

He should not try to finish reciting Sûrah al-Fâtihah after the imam has bowed. Instead, he should follow the imam and bow as well. In doing so, he will be carrying out his prayer in the proper order according to what is required of him.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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