Ruling on homosexual feelings
27 Aug 2011 10:42 GMT
I have a big problem. Sometimes I think that I am a gay, but at the same time I have feelings towards women too. I feel miserable. I know Islam is against homosexuality. Am I sinful to have these feeling towards men?

Answered by

Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî, former professor at al-Imâm University in Riyadh

A person is not sinful for homosexual tendencies in the heart. Allah does not call us to account for the feelings in our heart that we cannot always control. However, we are called to account for the deeds that we do.

A person who has homosexual tendencies must avoid acting upon them. That person should remain chaste and seek the reward from Allah for being abstinent and patient.

I advise you to do the following:

1. Do not proceed with those feelings. Instead, engage yorself with something else that is productive.

2. Do not look at men with desire.

3. Do not respond to any mental desire to do any action conforming to these feelings, by touching other men, coming closer to them, or the like.

4. Increase your portion of worship, particularly fasting, if you can do so.

May Allah guide you always.

Source: Islam Today

-- Al Arabiya Digital