'O Fulfiller of Needs!' – Is this a valid supplication?
27 Aug 2011 09:59 GMT
Can we beseech Allah with "Yâ Qâdî al-Hâjât" – (O Fulfiller of Needs)? Is this wrong because it is not listed as one of Allah's names?

Answered by

Sheikh Bandar b. Muhammad al-Rabâh

You may beseech Allah in supplication by saying "O fulfiller of needs…" In this case, you are not invoking one of Allah's names or attributes. You are merely making an informative assertion about Allah.

Informative statements about Allah – unlike Allah's names – are not limited to specific words and phrases established by the sacred texts. A person can assert any true statement about Allah that is in conformity with the meaning of the sacred texts.

Ibn Taymiyah explains that assertive statements about Allah must be grounded in the sacred texts, just like Allah's names and attributes are. The difference is that Allah's names and attributes must be established by their very wording appearing in the scripture. Facts about Allah, on the other hand, merely need to be communicated in the scripture by their meaning.

Many facts about Allah, and many of his actions, are mentioned to us in the sacred texts. We can invoke these facts when we beseech Him in our supplications, like saying "O fulfiller of needs" even though these words do not constitute one of Allah's names.

An example of this from the Sunnah is where the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "O Allah! Revealer of the scripture, dispenser of the clouds, vanquisher of the clans…" [Sâhih al-Bukhârî (2744, 2801) and Sahîh Muslim (3276)]

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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