Repentance until 60
25 Aug 2011 12:15 GMT
I am confused about a hadîth that I read. It says that Allah accepts our repentance until we reach sixty years of age. I thought that our repentance is accepted until right before we are about to die.

Answered by

Sheikh al-Sharîf Hâtim al-`Awnî

It is related by Abû Hurayrah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah continues to excuse and grant forgiveness to a person until he attains the age of sixty years." [Sahîh al-Bukhârî]

This hadîth merely shows that Allah does not hasten on His punishment. He gives a person ample time to correct himself. When a person reaches sixty, he should have mended his ways. A young person can still be hopeful of a long life, even though he may die young. For a person of sixty to postpone reforming himself is quite wrong.

This hadîth urges people to increase their good deeds in the later part of life.

There is a grace period granted by Allah to everyone to repent before he undergoes extreme trials. These trials include the trial of death and the trial of the Antichrist.

When people are faced with trials such as these, they find it very difficult to repent or think about repentance. Few at such times will be able to repent save those who were already practicing good deeds and had proper reliance on Allah.

This does not, however, negate the possibility of repentance for some of these people, should they be blessed with the personal wherewithal to overcome their circumstances.

Source: Islam Today

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