Person who cannot fast due to chronic medical condition.
25 Aug 2011 10:50 GMT
I am a very new convert and I have a serious medical condition that requires me to take daily doses of morophine for pain and a number of other medications during the day. I want to take part in the next Ramadan, as it will be my first, but it is necessary for me to take a minimal amount of water to swallow the pills, and I must eat at least a soda craker or two when I take my morophine or I will get very sick to my stomach. How can I take part in Ramadan under these condition? Is it permitted to just take the smallest amount of water to take the pills and restrict myself to one soda craker to settle my stomach and still consider myself fasting?

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the Fatwa Department Research Committee - chaired by Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî

We are very happy that you have accepted Islam. May Allah bless you and make you steadfast in faith. We are quite surprised and sorry that you cannot get a direct answer to such a straightforward question.

For instance, this is the ruling issued by the Permanent Fatwâ Committee of Saudi Arabia:

If a trustworthy Muslim doctor says that it is not permissible to fast, then you can break your fast and make it up after you recover. If recovery is delayed or not expected and you are almost certain that you will not be cured, then you can feed one needy person 1.5 kilograms of food for each day of fasting. This food should be of the quality that you would generally eat yourself.

In your case as you describe it, you will not be able to fast unless you can take all of your medication, water, and food between sunset and dawn. If you cannot fast, you may eat normally.

You will still be able to participate in Ramadan by providing food for a poor person every day. This is also an act of worship to be done by those Muslims who cannot fast.

You may also pray the Tarâwîh prayers. May Allah reward you for your participation in Ramadan.

Source: Islam Today

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