Girl’s parents demand divorce from sterile husband
24 Aug 2011 06:55 GMT
I am a man who has been diagnosed with fertility problems after seven years of marriage without a child. Now, her family has found out about the problem and they are demanding that we get divorced. Do they have the right to force us to get divorced, even against their daughter’s will? What do you advise me to do?

Answered by

Sheikh Sa`d b. `Abd Allah al-Shabânât

The decision whether the two of you should remain married is entirely up to you and your wife. No one else has the right to interfere. If the two of you wish to stay together, then no one can force a divorce upon either of you.

However, your wife has a right to a divorce if it is confirmed that the reason that she cannot have a child lies with you. She has a right in Islam to children. She cannot be forced to stay in marriage that will deny her that right.

If she chooses on her own to seek a divorce, you should not despair. If it happens, know that it might be for the best. You might be blessed with children from another wife.

I advise you to preserve your autonomy in this matter. Keep your communication with your wife open and give her no cause to complain about you to others. The two of you must come to an understanding together, without outside interference. Do not force her to stay with you. Allow her to choose for herself what she wants to do, since this is her right. It also preserves your honor in her eyes and her love for you.

Be strong, and show her that you will respect whatever decision she makes. Let her know how you feel without pressuring her. Then let her choose.

Do not regret if it turns out that she chooses to leave you. Seek Allah’s help in everything.

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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