Reasons why pork is forbidden
24 Aug 2011 12:56 GMT
Why is it forbidden for Muslims to eat pork?

Answered by

Sheikh Sâmî al-Mâjid

Scholars and scientists have given a number of reasons to justify the prohibition of pork. All these reasons pertain to the meat's inherent impurity and disease.

It is well known that pigs eat impure things. This alone should make us keep away from it and disdain it. It is unhealthy as attested to by the medical profession, because the tapeworm lives in it and many parasites encyst in its flesh.

Betty Wadicson says: “Affliction by these parasites is almost common in certain places like France, Germany, Italy and Britain but rare in some eastern countries because it is forbidden for their people to eat pork.”

It is impossible to determine for certain that any particular pig is free from these harmful worms without an examination of every muscle of its body under a microscope, which is impractical and costly.

The female of these worms can deliver around 1500 eggs in the inner mucous membrane of the intestine of the afflicted body which will be then transferred through the blood to all parts of the body. No preventative medicine is yet known for this disease for those who eats pork.

Pork also afflicts people with some diseases which cause food poisoning together with severe inflammation in the digestive apparatus which lead to death within a few hours. [See Rûh al-Dîn al-Islamî by `Afif Tabarah (437-438)]

Moreover, no one can rule out other harmful affects that might exist.

Sayyid Qutub, the famous scholar, writes:

Some people may argue that modern cooking facilities could eliminate the affliction of these worms by the high temperatures used, but these people overlook the fact that it took them centuries to come to know about this one disease.

Who can guarantee that there are no other undiscovered diseases in the swine’s flesh? Are we not supposed to trust the sacred law which preceded human science by tens of centuries and let it give us the decisive ruling on the matter? Are we not supposed to adhere to its laws whereby permission and prohibition come from our Lord who is full of wisdom and well acquainted with everything?

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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