Internet sales and khiyâr al-majlis.
24 Aug 2011 11:23 GMT
What is the ruling on ordering a product over the Internet where the transfer of money is immediate via credit or debit card and the product is later delivered to the person who requested it. How does this fulfill the conditions of "ittihâd ul majlis" and "khiyâr ul majlis"?

Answered by

Sheikh Khâlid al-Mushaykih, professor at al-Imâm University, al-Qasîm branch

As for the issue of the two parties meeting in the same place (ittihâd al-majlis), I would say that this clearly does not exist. However, I do not know what you mean by “fulfilling” this as a condition. As for the option of the session (khiyâr al-majlis), I would say that this option is quite available for both the seller and the purchaser as long as they do not leave the online session.

For the purchaser, his choice remains open to him as long as he does not leave his session and confirm his purchase. He still has the choice as long as the seller does not make a contract with him by approving the sale. Even if this approval is done by the seller electronically and automatically, it is done according to the pre-determined conditions specified by the seller, so the seller's option is likewise fulfilled.

Therefore, as long as all the conditions of sale are fulfilled and there is no deception involved, the sale will be Islamically lawful.

Source: Islam Today

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