A child's make-believe & the problem of telling lies
24 Aug 2011 10:12 GMT
Every day when my school-age sisters speak together about what happened to them in school that day, their little brother always comes over and contributes to the conversation. His is not even in preschool yet, but he tells all kinds of tales about what happened that day at his sisters' school. These tales are fantastic and have no truth in them whatsoever. What should I do about my little brother's habit of telling lies?

Answered by

Sheikh Nidâl Muhammad al-Qusayyir

I wish to put your mind at ease about your little brother's behavior. He is not lying. He is just engaging in make-believe. It is also perfectly normal and healthy behavior for a child of your little brother's age

Small children have active imaginations, and the ability to distinguish between the real and the imaginary is not yet fully developed in their minds.

Your little brother is not telling lies. His behavior is nothing like that of a liar. Everything he says about your school – where he has never been – is purely a flight of fancy with no ulterior motive behind it.

Do not censure him for telling these stories and do not accuse him of lying. That would make him ashamed of his imagination. He would feel that his make-believe is something wrong, and this could stunt his mental development.

Who knows, your little bother might grow up to be a great writer!

And Allah knows best.

Source: Islam Today

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