Giving a child a compound name.
24 Aug 2011 12:52 GMT
Is it permissible for a Muslim to have a two-word first name like "Muhammad Khâlid" or "Muhammad Nûr"?

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Sheikh Muhammad al-`Arûsi `Abd al-Qâdir, professor at Umm al-Qurâ University

Such compound names are unusual in most Arab countries. However, they are quite common in some non-Arab cultures. names like "Muhammad Shujâ`ah", "Muhammad Sa`îd", and "Sa`îd Sâlih" are rather widespread. These compound names are considered as one name. In Islamic Law, such usages are recognized as permitted customs and traditions.

I do not know any objection to this unless it leads to confusion. If someone says that his name is Muhammad Hasan b. Ibrâhîm Sâlih b. `Alî Hasan, then everyone should know that his grandfather is `Alî Hasan and his father is Ibrâhîm Sâlih. Such names should not be used within cultures where doing so will cause confusion regarding the person's parentage.

In any event, a single-word name is the best way of naming because it does not cause confusion and it is easier in daily discourse, writing, and identification purposes.

Source: Islam Today

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