Scholars who never married
23 Aug 2011 06:57 GMT
Can you please name few famous scholars – those we usually refer to when religion is discussed – who never got married. I know two of them: Imam al-Bukhârî and Ibn Taymiyah. I tried to find information on the Internet about others, but I could not find anything.

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the Fatwa Department Research Committee - chaired by Sheikh `Abd al-Wahhâb al-Turayrî

It is true that Ibn Taymiyah never married.

As for al-Bukhârî, he did indeed get married. However, he did not have any male children, as mentioned by al-Hâkim in Ma`rifah `Ulûm al-Hadîth.

Sheikh `Abd al-Fattâh Abû Ghuddah discusses the lives of a number of famous scholars who never married in his book al-`Ulmâ’ al-A`zâb (The Bachelor Scholars – first edition published by Maktabah al-Rushd). The following scholars are among those he mentions:

1. `Abd Allah b. Abî Najîh: one of the leading and most prolific commentators of the Qur’ân.

2. Bishr b. al-Hârith al-Hâfî: the famous ascetic.

3. Muhammad b. Jarîr al-Tabarî: the most prominent of all Qur’ân commentators, the author of Jâmi` al-Bayân better known as Tafsîr al-Tabarî.

4. al-Zamakhsharî: the famous scholars of Arabic grammar and rhetoric and the author of the commentary on the Qur’ân entitled al-Kashshâf.

5. Hanâ’ b. al-Sirrî: the famous scholar and ascetic, author of Kitâb al-Zuhd.

6. Abû `Alî al-Qârî: a leading scholar of the Arabic language

7. Abû Sa`d al-Sam`ânî: the author of al-Ansâb, the famous work on genealogy.

8. Al-Nawawî: the leading scholar of Shâfi`î Law, the author of al-Minhâj, a commentary on Sahîh Muslim and of the hadîth compilation Riyâd al-Sâlihîn.

Source: Islam Today

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