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22 Aug 2011 08:22 GMT
I love to write poetry. It is a hobby of mine. I write it for my own pleasure. Is it lawful in Islam for me to do so?

Answered by

Sheikh Sâmî al-Mâjid

Poetry is language. With respect to its Islamic ruling, it is no different than prose. What is good of it is good and what is evil of it is evil.

As long as it is free from licentious speech and condemnable meanings and conforms to the dictates of Islamic Law, then composing poems is a permissible undertaking.

This is conditional upon it not wasting a person’s time and keeping him away from prayer and the remembrance of Allah.

Allah says about the poets: “As for poets, the erring follow them. Have you not seen how they stray in every valley, And how they say that which they do not do?” [Sûrah al-Shu`arâ’: 224-226]

However, then Allah goes on to say: “Save those who believe and do good works, and remember Allah much, and vindicate themselves after they have been wronged.” [Sûrah al-Shu`arâ’: 227]

Allah makes an exception of those poets who have certain qualities, like the remembrance of Allah and the observance of prayer.

Therefore, do not allow the writing of poetry to keep you from your virtuous deeds.

Source: Islam Today

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