22 Aug 2011 07:16 GMT
I would like to know more about a group called Al-Ahbâsh.

Answered by

Sheikh Nâsir al-`Aql

Al-Ahbâsh is a deviant group attributed to `Abd Allah al-Habâshî. It was first founded in Lebanon. Their belief is based on derogating some of the Companions, insulting other prominent successors, some misinterpretation of Allah’s attributes. They practice certain innovations drawn from Sufism and ascribe to certain deviant beliefs of other groups like al-Murji’ah, al-Jabriyyah and al-Takfîriyyah.

They are always fighting the Sunnah and derogating it. They have adapted some odd fatwâs. For instance, they changed the Qiblah of Muslims in the United States to the direction of Southeast, capitalizing on the confusion generated by looking at a standard flat map of the Earth. They are known to do these kinds of things for argument’s sake and as a means of aggression against others Muslims, particularly ahl al-Sunnah.

Source: Islam Today

-- Al Arabiya Digital