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22 Aug 2011 07:09 GMT
There are different types of Shî`ah. One of the sects are called the "Bohras". Can you explain how they differ from the other sects of the Shî`ah?

Answered by

Sheikh Nâsir al-`Aql

The Bohras are an Ismâ`îlî sect from the Bâtiniyyah (those who believe in hidden doctrines). They pretend to be from the Shî`ah, but in actuality they are involved in philosophic apostasy with respect to Allah’s names and attributes.

They reinterpret the pillars of the religion based on hidden doctrines with interpretations that they do not publicly disclose. They interpret certain texts to symbolically indicate specific people who are given divinity in their belief, such as `Ali and the hidden Ismâ`îlî imam.

They believe in the existence of an infallible imam.

They conceal their beliefs when they fear something.

They believe in reincarnation which is a dangerous and old heresy.

They do not pray in the mosques of the Muslims except on occasions when they fear negative repercussions from other people for their not doing so.

The select among them have a different creed than that of the general community of their adherents. These select totally deny the teaching of Islam. They accept licentiousness and atheism. They deify the human intellect.

These people are not Muslims, they are enemies of Islam and they conduct themselves in Muslim societies as hypocrites.

The majority of them are in India now. They are derived from an Ismâ`îlî sect that used to exist in Yemen and southern Arabia.

Source: Islam Today

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