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The success story of Sukuk in Islamic world
Sukuk is an Islamic certificate which is very popular now a day. It has been issued by many Islamic banks sukuk has its own specialties and peculiarities it has similarities with bond Sharjah Islami ...
The Golden Islamic Business Guide 2011
We are pleased to inform you that the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be publishing "The Golden Islamic Business Guide" for 2011.
Growth of women in Islamic finance remains a ...
The growing role of women in Islamic finance resurfaces on the conference circuit now and again.
Time right for growth of Islamic finance
Many sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have exposure to Sharia-compliant, publicly listed screened companies.
Shariah trade finance may reach $800bn
Islamic trade finance may reach as much as $800bn a year should Sharia-compliant banks strengthen cooperation with financial institutions in other countries.
Sukuk market is back on track
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services believes that after two turbulent years, the sukuk market is back on track.
Islamic banking seen as superior to Western c ...
Conventional banking system seen as 'much more open to abuse' than Islamic banking.
GCC economy to grow by 6% In 2011
After growing by an estimated 4.8% in 2010, the economies that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council are expected to see real GDP grow by 6% this year.
Is your economy sharia compliant?
Our system of sovereign sukuk ratings could benefit the global economy and promote better cross-cultural relations.
The Islamic financial oasis
With many innovations happening in the nation’s Islamic financial sector, it is just natural for the industry to attract many foreign players into the market.
Global sukuk markets
The global Islamic financial sector has witnessed an encouraging growth over the last decade and is currently estimated to be at around US$1trillion.
Being realistic is key to developing capital ...
The forward-looking economic realities of Islamic finance is about new markets and product strategies, however, it is based on a number of assumptions.
Muslim nations plan stock index to spur trade
The organization representing the world’s biggest grouping of Muslim majority nations is seeking to attract more overseas investment.
Is Islamic Finance the new challenge to Wall ...
In the 1990s, Islamic finance was a fledgling fringe industry. But today, its size has grown from roughly U.S.$150 billion to about U.S.$1 trillion in size.
India to study Malaysian experience in Islami ...
Indian prime Minister said that he would ask the Reserve Bank of India to look into Islamic banking practices in Malaysia.
Islamic finance faces political hurdles in U. ...
From Australia to Britain and even France, Western economies are adjusting their laws to encourage growth in the Islamic finance sector.
Malaysian PM's 2011 budget speech
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak unveiled the country's 2011 budget on Friday. Following are highlights of key budget measures and statements.
'Islamic finance industry is under regulated'
The total assets of Islamic finance sector in the GCC, have prompted the calls for regulating the Islamic finance industry.
How to structure shariah high-yield covenants
The Dar Al Arkan sukuk showed how a shariah-compliant transaction could be structured on conventional high-yield principles.
Why Islamic bonds are hot these days
Government Islamic bonds have outperformed securities sold by companies this year and the trend is likely to continue.

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