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A new Muslimah has married a Muslim man witho ...
I am a Chinese girl married to a Lebanese Muslim man. The main reason for this is that I have become Muslim' we got married in the Islamic manner, (more)
He is suffering severe pain in his lower back ...
I am 28yr male, well settled in life with good job. My problem is, I am suffering from sievere lower back pain since one year and my parents are plan (more)
Is the one who recites the last ten verses of ...
One of my friend gave a book,in which I have fond that anyone who recite last ten ayas of sura alaimran then he will get as same as reward the a pers (more)
Is it permissible to have the teeth whitened ...
As per Our Islamic sharia it is not permissible to beautify the teeth. But What about the one whose teeth are yellowish (after brushing too) and want (more)
She did 'umrah and forgot to cut her hair, th ...
I did 'umrah and forgot to cut my hair, then I went and entered ihraam for another 'umrah straight after the first one, and I did tawaaf and saaâ (more)
Raising the voice during a funeral.
When following a funeral cortege some people raise their voices and ask the people to say Laa ilaaha ill-Allaah (there is no god except Allaah) or Al (more)
He mortgaged his house with the bank, in orde ...
My parents made the mistake of getting into a mortgage house awhile back and we have definately seen the effects of that sin. After making countless (more)
Will the baby be harmed because of some names ...
I wants to ask something regarding zakaah and interest. Interest: I got engaged this January and my fiance told me that he have heard some Pakistani (more)
For Eid, should he travel to join his father ...
My wife and kids lives in UK I live in UAE and I visit them every after 2 to 3 months we are doing this for some purpose and agreed between me and my (more)
Ruling on woman wearing black during her mont ...
I heard that it is not permissible for a woman to wear black during her period, because the Ka‘bah is black, and this signals a lack of respect for (more)
Ruling on speaking whilst eating.
Can we speak while eating?.

Praise be to Allaah.

There is nothing in the Prophet’s Sunnah to indicate that it is not allowed to speak wh (more)

It is not prescribed to put palm-leaf stalks ...
I read a hadeeth which says that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) put a palm-leaf stalk on a grave. Is it Sunnah for the one w (more)
Using hormones to increase the yield of crops ...
Some farmers use certain hormones to increase the yield of their crops, to improve them and to make the produce larger. Using these hormones is harmf (more)
Definition of a ghareeb hadeeth.
What is a ghareeb hadeeth? Please advise us, may Allah reward you with good.

Praise be to Allaah.

A ghareeb hadeeth is one in which there (more)

Should prayer for the deceased at the grave b ...
When the deceased has been buried in the grave, one of the people stands and offers du’aa’ for the deceased and the people say “Ameen” to his (more)
'Umrah in the month of Rajab.
There is no report from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) as far as we know to suggest that there is any particular virtue in performing Umrah in the month of Rajab.
Can a person with schizophrenia get married?.
Im schizophrenic, is schizophrenia a kind of madness, is valid my salat, can i marriage ?.

Praise be to Allaah.

The person who has schizop (more)

Fasting in the month of Rajab.
Is there any special virtue in fasting during the month of Rajab?.

Praise be to Allaah.


The month of Rajab is one of the sa (more)

The hadeeth about the virtue of reading Soora ...
Is it Sunnah to read Soorat al-Dukhaan on the night before Friday?.

Praise be to Allaah.

There are marfoo‘ hadeeths about the virtue of (more)

Can he marry the daughter of his father's wif ...
A man got married to a woman who had a daughter when he got married to her, and he was blessed with children from her. Can the man's son from anoth (more)

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