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Noor Takaful Travel Plan

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Noor Takaful Islamic Insurance

Noor Islamic Bank is one of the leading internet and mobile bank of UAE. For travelers who want Islamic Takaful insurance, Noor Takaful offers a dynamic Takaful product named Noor Takaful Travel plan. The plan covers not only your personal medical and emergency bills, but also offers you coverage for your luggage and any accidental damage, loss due to flight cancellation and unexpected mishap. Currently there are two travel plans under the Noor Takaful cover, Travel Gold and Travel Schengen.

The possible scenarios and losses which Noor Takaful Travel plan covers are:

Emergency expenses due to medical treatment: Noor Takaful offers to cover the obverall cost for medical treatment and any other associated expense up to $400. They can be due to bodily injury or sickness inside or outside the country where the traveler resides.

Emergency assistance & evacuation: The cover pays for 24 hour emergency medical assistance, medical transportation, repatriation of mortal remains, cost of first aid and rescue (if Winter Sports option is taken).

Personal accident: In case of a personal accident, a lump sum for accidental death, permanent total disablement, loss of limb or loss of sight up to $25,000 will be paid under the travel cover.

Personal possessions: This offers you cover for personal belongings that you carry along with you during the travel.

Cancellation or curtailment: Reimbursement for additional travel and accommodation expenses incurred or forfeited, if it is necessary and unavoidable for you to cancel or curtail your trip.

Loss of passport: If you unfortunately lose your passport during the travel , the cover plan offers you to pay for the fee you incur for a new passport.

Delayed departure: We will pay you for a delay of more than 4 hours from the departure time due to a mechanical breakdown or adverse weather conditions up to $500

Baggage delay: If your baggage is delayed for at least 12 hours from the time of your arrival at your outbound destination, we will pay for emergency purchase of essential items, up to $250.

Apart from all the losses that Takaful Travel plan covers, there are some exclusions from the plan which you should know beforehand. These are:

A relevant fact that you knew about before you travelled, unless we agreed to it in writing

War, nuclear and terrorism

Any epidemic or pandemic

You not following any suggestions or recommendations made by any government or other official authority

Your property being held, taken, destroyed or damaged under the order of any government or customs officials

Any currency exchange rate changes

You acting in an illegal or malicious way

You not enjoying your journey or not wanting to travel

For details about benefits, please visit

Source: Al Arabiya Digital

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