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Emirates Islamic Bank Manzili Home Finance

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Emirates Islamic Bank was launched in 2004, to provide UAE with pure Islamic Banking. All Shari’a compliant products and services are over looked by the Shari’a Board which consists of several prestigious Scholars Of Islamic Law. The EIB completely follows the rules of Islamic Banking. They do not charge or pay interest. There is no uncertainty in their transactions. Complete Islamic Financing methods are used like, Murabaha, Ijarah and Salam. To facilitate the customer, Islamic Profit sharing structures and Islamic investment funds are used. The Bank has a clear vision of being the leading provider of innovative financial products according to the Shari’a.

The Emirates Bank recently introduced, Manzili Home Finance. It is the perfect solution for all the home financing needs. Keeping in mind your financial capabilities and personal requirements Manzili is tailored according to your needs. There are three unique choices for your home financing solutions.

  • Manzili Smart Home
  • Manzili Home Lease
  • Manzili Home Invest


All three options are packed with unique advantages, like convenient rates, longer tenure, minimal documentation and lots more. The benefits and features are highlighted as


  • High Finance Amounts
  • Speedy Process & Approval
  • Attractive & Competitive Profit Rate
  • Longer Tenure
  • Fixed Periodic Installment
  • Low minimum down payment
  • Mortgage assurance
  • Convenient processing and Low fees


The Pre-Approved facility can help you know your eligibility in financing amount terms so you know to look for a suitable property. The documents that are required are fairly simple.


  • A Home Finance Executive will provide you with a Basic Information Form
  • Copy of your Valid Passport, Valid Residence Visa ( for expatriates)
  • Cross Cheque of AED 1500 in favor of  ‘ Emirates Islamic Bank’ for processing fees for pre-approval or cash deposit slip for the same amount.
  • Salary Certificate original ( less than 30 days old) stating length of employment, current designation and current package details.
  • Latest 6 months original bank statements with salary credits.
  • Salary transfer letter 


For the Salaried non-residents the documentation is almost same with a few additions. 

  • Salary Certificate, less than 90 days old.
  • Latest 3 months pay slip
  • Bank Statement(original): latest 6 months, liability /reference letter(60 days old), latest 2 years Tax returns and Credit Bureau report
  • Quotation letter from the Seller, sale and purchase agreement, title, deal and site plan and receipts of down payment made to seller. 

For the Self Employed Residents the documentation has some additional features 

  • Original required for Verification
  • Copy of trade License
  • Copy of Chamber of commerce registration
  • Copy of partnership page incase of multiple partners
  • Copy of memorandum/articles of association
  • Original Audited Financials for the last 2 years

 For the Self Employment Non-Residents the documents follow the same with the addition of 

  • Latest 3 months Pay Slip
  • Latest 6 months Personal & Business Account statements
  • Liability / Reference letter
  • Latest 2 years Tax Returns
  • Credit bureau

 Manzili is the best way to build a home for yourself and your family keeping with in the rules and regulations of Islam.


Source: Al Arabiya Digital

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