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US army abusing dead bodies in Afghanistan

Published: 12/01/2012 01:40:00 PM GMT
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Haunting memories of the gore torture and vicious hatred have been revived by a leaked video on the internet showing United State’s soldiers are seen urinating and making fun of the dead bodies of Afghan people. The video has been removed from the main stream website but it can still be found on many other websites privately used. The usual notice has been taken by the Pentagon and the Head of US armed forces and has ordered to investigate the matter, according to the US officials such a behavior is against the army protocols and the rules of warfare.

The video was leaked this Wednesday and has again created a wave of hatred against the false policies of US and it has helped unveil the friendly and democratic image that US portrays to have with the Muslim world. As according to the laws of war such a gore violence can never be controlled or tamed and things always go out of hands resulting in extreme violence and unspeakable creepy inhuman acts of shame and ignorance. The video shows 4 US marines standing and making fun of 3 dead bodies while urinating on them. United States and Pentagon claims to have launched an investigation against the person making the video, the source through which it has been leaked and the identification of all the members of US military urinating in the video. Which is assured that all of the information and updates would be quickly delivered to US security.

US officials and Marine Corps have shown a quick action by stating that an investigation has been launched against the acts but have not yet replied against the acts shown saying what appears to be the US marines may not be the actual truth as US stands firm on their acts and fully back their fellow soldiers. “Acts portrayed are not consistent with our core values” said US Marine Corps. While Pentagon states that “if proven represents a failure to adhere to the high standards expected of American military personnel.”

The video brings back the memories of torture shown in pictures taken in Abu Gharaib prisons in Iraq back in 2004, after which the US officials ordered that there would be no cameras or recording material be asked to taken away as the personal property and afterwards all the recorded material was confiscated and taken away from all the check points of the US marines. While no action was taken against all the soldier’s whose data was later dumped after the leaked pictures made the worst impression of the US forces. This also enraged the Muslim world and attacks upon US forces became more frequent and so did the retaliation of the US forces after the pictures were leaked.

Mark Kimmitt Retired US Army General and the spokesperson for US forces than said on replying to the tortures in Abu Gharaib prisons “these soldiers have fought and stood by us side by side and we respect them and honor their sacrifices we would only ask the ones criticizing us one question is it all what America is about ?”

The acts of disrespecting the dead bodies in a war is nothing new but the soft image of that US puts in front of all their acts is something that is depicted by such acts of cruelty. Such acts can easily end the possibilities of bringing the Taliban in politics for promoting mutual understanding and improved relations between US and not only Afghanistan but the whole Muslim world.

Evils of War at highest peaks picture showing US Marines urinating on the dead corpses.