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To live by taking love seriously

Published: 16/06/2013 02:35:00 PM GMT
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Just like fear of Allah, love is an important sign of faith. A Muslim who loves Allah also feels a great love for His manifestations.

By Ebru Altan

Just like fear of Allah, love is an important sign of faith. A Muslim who loves Allah also feels a great love for His manifestations.

Loving and being loved are great blessings for a Muslim. A loveless person has a huge void in his soul. The soul of a Muslim, on the other hand, can delight in beauty and detail, is observant, notices the finest details and is of high quality. Muslims who believe in the Qur’an with all their hearts have always been the most select people of their times. Since there is a constant longing for paradise in their souls, their thoughts, looks, ways of sitting and standing and conversation are always of the highest quality. This is a character that all people desire, a life style that all wish to live by. Sensitivity toward Allah and His creations is an act of worship. Looking at an eye that looks back at you with love and respect, sincere talk in a fine tone of voice with constant remembrance of Allah, and natural and sincere behavior without a trace of falsity are a great blessing. One has an obligation to give thanks both silently and out loud for this blessing; this is a great delight. Allah bestows this on none other than believers.

A Muslim always desires love. The deep need he has for Allah’s love and approval are naturally instrumental in his having positive and loving feelings for His creations. Since he constantly longs for paradise, he always seeks the highest quality in his behavior, soul, body and surroundings.

Love leads to love. Love has a melting effect on even the hardest of hearts. It is Allah Who instills love on both sides, in both hearts. Someone who is always positive and optimistic, who is understanding and full of love, inevitably reaps the harvest for his fortitude. Even the hardest-hearted person will eventually begin to thaw: A softening takes place in his heart. In the face of mature and understanding behavior, he will be ashamed of and renounce his loveless and contrary behavior.

Serious love is a matter by which a person must live to his dying breath, that, like faith, he must never lose and that requires hard work. One must always use one’s head for love. It grows by always considering the details that nourish love. Love is the essence of the faith. Love gives meaning to the world. One of a Muslim’s main responsibilities in this world is love. Love is the entire point of faith, worship and living: Fear of Allah and love of Allah.

Throughout his life, a person performs his acts of worship without interruption because of his love of Allah. He prays every day because of his love of Allah. In his prayers, he remembers the greatness of Allah because of his sincere love and awe of Allah. He fasts with joy because of his love of Allah. He shapes his morality, behavior and opinions according to the Qur’an because of his love of Allah. He trains himself. He lives with a moral maturity that banishes his lower self because of his love of Allah. He makes sacrifices, suffers and desires hardships because of his love of Allah. He directs himself to speak well and behave well towards others because of his love of Allah.

Otherwise, conflict just leads to more conflict where there is no tolerance, love or warmth. Everyone has a lower self. If the lower self is not reined in and forced to do what is right, then “The self indeed commands to evil acts,” as Allah tells us in a verse (12/53). It is generally not easy to respond well to someone who behaves badly and unpleasantly. It is a difficulty, and one has to use all of one’s will power; but one does it from love and fear of Allah, because of one’s profound awe of Allah. One can only do that with faith. Otherwise, one’s strength is broken without faith, without love of Allah. Love of Allah and faith are the essence, foundation and nourishment of all.

Love is one of the subjects that need to be taken most seriously and lived by most seriously of all. Never forget that love is the essence of life.

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