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The “deep plan” behind the Boston killings

Published: 28/05/2013 12:29:00 PM GMT
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Why is nobody convinced it was two young Chechens behind the Boston events? Because strange things are happening. And the world is now more aware of these strange goings-on!

By Aylin Kocaman

Why is nobody convinced it was two young Chechens behind the Boston events? Because strange things are happening. And the world is now more aware of these strange goings-on!

Deep forces have always done this; there has always been someone ready to blame behind all conflicts, bombings and assassinations. The culprit was either dead and could not testify, or else was silenced in some way. There was a culprit ready before the cameras after every act of savagery. Even after September 11.

The target was always the same; Islam. Under the intense influence of the widespread Islamophobia in society, people always began saying, “Of course,…” whenever Islam was mentioned. When aggression and Islam were mentioned together, all the pieces seemed to fall into place.

The Boston events were no different in that regard. Terror and Islam were again mentioned together; the only difference was the emphasis on two Chechen brothers. This was also part of the deep plan. One of the brothers died, while the other was shot in the throat, meaning they were silenced. The presence of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev as ‘Chechen Muslims’ broadened the supposed Muslim front against America. No longer were groups such as al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and Hezbollah America’s only foes - the American people now had to be on their guard against a huge Muslim population stretching as far as Russia. That was the message that needed to be given.

This was also one way of America’s establishing a rapprochement with Russia, by establishing a common enemy. Russia suddenly found America by its side against Chechnya, which it had thought it could never control and about which it had long been uneasy.

Various details in this story could not be concealed, of course. In particular, there was no reason for Chechens to perpetrate such an attack on America. Moreover, there were the message published by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on facebook page shortly before his capture saying that there was a conspiracy against him and which was hurriedly  removed by facebook; a video showing that his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is now dead, surrendered to police totally unharmed; photographs showing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was said to have tried to kill himself in the boat by shooting himself in the throat and thus losing the power of speech leaving the boat in a healthy state while surrendering to the FBI, and a false statement that Dzhokhar was forced to ‘write’ under police supervision in his hospital room, despite being ‘seriously wounded,’ in the absence of a lawyer over a period of 18 hours.

This is such an amateurish plan that the covert forces in question felt no need to trouble themselves too much with the details.

Some people will probably respond to this claim by saying: These two young men being brought to the fore changes nothing, radicalism is already wreaking havoc across the world. True; but the great secret unknown to these people is that the groups who spread terror in the name of Islam are fed by the same covert means.

Islamic radicalism was not born out of the blue. It had a starting point and an education system. Illegal groupings or cliques within the legal state structures in various Western countries, ‘states within states,’ in other words, planned a system that would tear Islam down from the inside. Indeed, various secret ‘Islamic leaders’ who had nothing to do with Islam were raised solely for that purpose. It was not hard to collect an ignorant community around them. On the one hand, the plan to weaken Islamic countries worked highly systematically. Islamic countries were divided and weakened by various colonialists, and left with no industry, agriculture or education. Tribes, communities and ethnic groups that had lived in peace in Islamic lands for 1,000 years were suddenly at one another’s throats. Countries that were theoretically wealthy with their priceless mineral and oil reserves, in practice became the countries with the worst levels of hunger and poverty.

Muslims were left uneducated, weak, uncared for and without any qualities.  The more Muslims were left in ignorance, the more they would become part of radicalism. The more radicalism there was, the more Islamophobia would spread. And this would necessitate Western intervention. This huge plan against Islam was part of the War of Armageddon that the forces in question expected to break out in the Middle East soon. A horrible war that in fact had already happened and come to an end, but which the forces in question were preparing for by claiming it would happen in the future... They were preparing for this great conflict in which all Muslims would be annihilated and only 144,000 Jews would survive. The pretext for this vast conflict was to be that of fighting ‘radicalism.’

Some evangelicals’ belief in Armageddon was also used in this way. It was thus easier to set Christians against Muslims. The field of conflict would expand, and the most powerful sector was again the arms sector.

Were Muslims entirely guiltless? Of course not. Many radicals who appear in the name of Islam are completely ignorant of the Qur’an. They are unaware that the Qur’an recommends unification and the establishment of love and peace. Since they failed to properly embrace the Qur’an they easily became the pawns of sinister forces.  Now wherever there is an act of terror, a few unfortunate Muslims are always held to blame because that is easy for the ‘deep forces’ in question. Under their plan, Muslims must always be the ‘bad guys.’

I ask for Allah’s mercy on all those who died in Boston. But I do not believe that these two Chechen brothers are responsible for this act of terror. I also see that nobody with the slightest knowledge of the plans of the ‘deep state’ and an idea of recent history believes it, either. Muslim communities must be on their guard against this facile tactic. We must stand up for the true religion of faith in the Qur’an by stressing an alliance of the good against the propaganda of the radicals.

An injured of Boston bombing