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The Guardian is following anti-Islamic Agenda: Leveson Inquiry

Published: 03/12/2011 01:58:00 PM GMT
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The ongoing Public inquiry for the British Press Leveson Inquiry has started an inquiry about the agenda of the daily stars; a partner newspaper of the Guardian for having anti-Muslim agenda. This inquiry has been opened since a former worker of the Daily Star has told the Leveson Inquiry that the newspaper has the anti-Muslim agenda. The journalist, Richard Peppiatt resigned from the newspaper in protest for biased policy against the Muslims.

The journalist has exclaimed his fear of his phone to be hacked and being physically harmed. He told the Leveson Inquiry that he is continuously receiving threats after reporting to the inquiry committee since he has quit working with the daily Star. He said he received threats on phone calls, e-mails and SMS as soon as he publicly resigned from the newspaper protesting against anti-Islamic agenda.

The journalist told that he has received the threats in the name of Richard Desmond; a newspaper owner in Britain for resigning and leaking-out the world known fact about the policy of the Guardian. He said he doesn’t know the frequency o the messages and said he is ignorant of the person who is sending these messages. He mentioned three text messages of threats: "You're a marked man until the day you die" "RD will get you" "We're doing a kiss and tell on you" The journalist has said that he is very afraid of going out and he has asked his closest people to stay indoors and be safe as there may be people after them a well.

Mr. Peppiatt is not the first one to notice the matter. Most of the media groups in the Jewish custody are against the Islam and have open anti-Islamic agenda. These newspapers are not only spreading hatred against Islam in their countries or regions but the have spread their policy makers to all the countries’ newspapers. This hatred is causing problems for Muslim world politically, economically and socially. Muslim countries are blessed with minerals and it is very important for them to maintain their economic and political power. Unfortunately, there is no big media group in he hands of Muslims. Media groups are working under Jewish lobby.

Those who work for Islam or oppose the anti-Muslim agenda are thrown out or have been made financially weak so that they become worthless. Media forms the public opinion and this public opinion formulates the political economy of a country. It is of dire importance to have strong media in today’s world so that the opinion formulation could be controlled.

There have always been people who oppose the idea of using unfair or unjust means to suppress a specific group of people. Mr. peppiatt is one of them. He has protested against the newspaper saying that it shapes the news-stories according to its anti-Islamic policy. He accused the newspaper for giving more importance to its business than the journalistic odes and conducts. He said, most of the times a news-story was dictated from the marketing or accounts department and there were no ethics of journalism were followed.

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Guardian and its Islamic Agenda