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Syrian army pulled out of town near Lebanese border

Published: 21/01/2012 08:44:00 PM GMT
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Syrian people have been long for almost a year to end the violence and had been hoping where the government and the rebels would develop an understanding and would negotiate. The government forces withdrew on Wednesday from the town of Zabadani near the Lebanese border after agreeing a for a cease-fire with insurgents a senior official of the Syrian opposition said on Thursday.

There has been Dozens of tanks and armored vehicles surrounding the town and there has been reported many cases of killings and acts of violence in Zabadani. Zabadani which is 30 km northwest of Damascus has been a major place for introduction of chaos. However the forces have been withdrawn on Wednesday to a garrison located eight miles away said Kamal al Labwani.

It has also been reported that the the food and essential supplies are also suffering major shortages in the city he added sharing his uncertainities of the removal of forces "The attack on Zabadani may resume at any time considering the power management system perhaps it is just the replacement of  soldiers who were reluctant to take the city by storm," warned Labwani who is located in Amman, Jordan. The government force’s attack on Zabadani initiated on Friday and after a series of protests in the town against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad there has been solutions proposed.

The negotiations have been acknowledged the most by the people in general who are not linked with any group or favoring a political movement for gaining power. They have been saying “the call for peace in Syria should be prioritized regardless of knowing which side did it first it has to be assured that chaos ends, no matter what.” According to Maher Ismail, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army the regime  has agreed to the truce because of the nature of the land being mountainous terrain that characterizes Zabadani the rebels would cause heavy losses to the regime regardless of their artillary and heavy arms. However it is also expected that the most loyal members of Bashar Assad’s regime are planning for a new strategy to attack and take over thetown and also force the fighters to surrender.

The agreement causing the cease fire has given many hopes to the people in other parts of the country, under the agreement reached between the leaders of the town and the deputy Defense Minister Asef Shawkat who is also the brother in law of President Assad the Syrian army has withdrawn from the town for their personal benefits.

Another problem flaring up the problems in the region are the news that put blames on the different groups. As it is told that Lebanon's Hizbullah has issued a statement that dismisses the reports that their people have been participated in the bombing of Zabadani which has been causing ties with the neighboring country since the political unrest has begun, which has been repeatidly tried by the West to be shifted to the sectarian violence

Hizbullah has replied to the allegations stating that the "reports that Syrian opposition, Arab media and websites are publishing that Hizbullah attacked with Katyusha rockets are ridiculous, laughable and unfounded,". The Shiite group also added "this smear campaign has been lasting for months now and we simply laugh at them."

People of Syria for more similar decissions of cease fire.