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Right-wingers promote Islamophobia: Ex London Mayor

Published: 03/05/2012 11:49:00 AM GMT
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London: A candidate for the London Mayor from UK Labor Party, Ken Livingstone, has held the right-wing media and politicians responsible for fueling anti-Islam sentiments and racism.

By Farhan Iqbal

London: A candidate for the London Mayor from UK Labor Party, Ken Livingstone, has held the right-wing media and politicians responsible for fueling anti-Islam sentiments and racism.

He has not only alleged the right-wing media and politicians in Britain but in the rest of the western countries as well for spreading hatred against the Muslims and Islam.    

Ken Livingstone, who has twice served as the Mayor of London and is running for the third term, bashed the right-wing media saying that the role of the right-wingers is suspicious as a century ago, they used to say the Jews were responsible for crimes in the UK, then they blamed the people of Ireland, then the Blacks and now they are speaking against the Muslims, Pakistanis and Afghans with no concrete evidence.

Livingstone stated, “Right-wingers sell their papers by stirring up hatred. The former prime minister of Norway recently called on David Cameron to tone down his rhetoric because it would be in the hands of the far right. I believe the job of the prayer is to preach tolerance and bring the communities together.”

He commended the teachings of the Muslims’ last prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and said that the last sermon by the Prophet of Islam happens to be a guide for living side by side with other communities in a society.

The last sermon by the Prophet of Islam provides a model to all people in the world that how they can live with other communities peacefully and harmoniously. Islam promotes harmony among the religions of the world and people living in it without differentiating their race, caste, color and sect, he added.  

Livingstone showed his anger for right-wing media by saying that the right-wing papers will never highlight this positive aspect of the Muslims’ religion but will “always demonize Islam”.

He also severely criticized the role of incumbent London Mayor, Boris Johnson, for failing to provide the minorities including the Muslims a sense of belonging with the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson has miserably failed to deliver the concrete solutions for the issues of different minorities in London, he added.     

It is a fact that the incumbent London Mayor has been formidably criticized on a number of occasions by many ethnic minority communities that he has not engaged with them during his term in office and has done nothing to address their issues in terms of unemployment, racism, immigration and fares in London.

Livingstone stated in strong words, “It is not only the Muslim community that has complaints against the mayor. He (Boris Johnson) has spent time promoting himself. He is not there to meet any community except being mayor. The job of the London mayor is the second best thing after the prime minister’s job. He should be loving it and doing it 24/7.”

He vowed that if he becomes the London Mayor for the third time he will focus on creating a “better relation with local communities and the police and will make sure that the police are on the roads to make the communities safer”.

Livingstone had also visited the Willesden Green Mosque where he met with elders of the Muslim community. He commended the role of the Muslims in the development of the UK and promised them he will restore the confidence of the local communities and will create more jobs for them.

Ken Livingstone, a well-wisher of Muslims in the West