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Revolutionists to follow Turk Model

Published: 06/12/2011 07:31:00 PM GMT
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There are many Islamists who are going to Morocco from Egypt to get the booty of their struggle for their democratic freedom that they have got through Arab Spring. The participants are wishing to make their dictator states moderate like Turkey.

Arab spring has changed the Muslim countries unbelievably and it is spreading more and more. These countries have been ruled by the dictators who were very cruel to the public. Media has always been the victim of the authoritarian rule of these regions. People do not seem to tolerate the unfair system anymore. They have opposed all the vicious elements in power and have fought against the rule of violence together. They have thrown away or killed the corrupt leadership and have together to raise voice for their rights.

Now, they want to make their Islamic states moderate and wish to spread the love between the Muslims instead of hatred for the benefits of non-Muslim powerful countries. Majority of the protestors are suggesting and believing to follow the Turkish model for a strong country whereas others are saying its Iranian system that should be followed. The popularity of the idea of following Turkish model is the moderation and progress that the country has gained.

The Research Director at Brookings Dohar Center has explained the idea by saying that the Turks have made a rapid progress by changing their backward traditional system. People fancy about their progress and they look forward to be prosperous like them and they are ready to follow the Turkish model. He said, the ruling Justice and Development Party ( AKP) is popular among them for suggesting a moderate state.

Ennahada is the party in Tunisia that won the elections after ending the government. The party openly expressed its favor for the “Turkish Model” that the prime minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan represented in his tour to the affected countries after Arab spring.

The head of Ennahda is Rached Ghannouchi who is also inspired by the Turky as a state has agreed to many things Erdogan has said. Erdogan has convinced him that the democracy and Islam are not contradictory. Muslims should realize the fact and run their states successfully.

In spite of the fact of enlighten moderation in the revolutionaries in those countries, there are people who don’t think it a solution t follow the Turk model as it is deviated from the real Islam. There are people who were hoping for change but there is no such thing in democracy. People re hopeless for the new idea of Turkish model as it was not ideological rather economical decision. There are number of people who think that the idea is a new trap and more like a golden cage that promises everything but you end up having none.

There are apparently many benefits in the Turk model but in the long-run it may appear an ambush for those who are looking for an independent Islamic state that follows the rules of Islam instead of long promises. It would be a better idea to follow the Islamic rules for economy that are interest free financial dealing and fair distribution of income with fair judiciary as Islam preaches.

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