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Reasoning of Truth (Part 3)

Published: 20/09/2012 09:59:00 PM GMT
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It is true that human being has got capability to think. What does “thought” mean? How does it take place in our brain? What is its process? Is thinking an existential faculty of human being? Will human being have to think always?

By P.P. Abdul Razak

It is true that human being has got capability to think. What does “thought” mean? How does it take place in our brain? What is its process? Is thinking an existential faculty of human being? Will human being have to think always? If yes, what does it mean? Doesn’t it mean human being will be always ignorant of something/many things? Otherwise why he has to think? Thought is a process carried out by our brain with the help of our senses to uncover the hidden and to know the unknown using the raw materials of known realities. So, Process of thinking starts and continues incessantly from two factors: Imperfect knowledge and imperfect ignorance. In one word, it can be said the thought process starts from the fact of Human relativism.

One who is absolute and omniscient won’t need thinking (God). One who is in absolute ignorance also will not think (Animals). Here, animal instinct is not considered as Knowledge. So meaning of thinking denotes, if this faculty is existential in human being, human being is imperfect in his knowledge and he will never be perfect in it. He knows something/many things and he is ignorant of something/many things. So, what is the way to uncover the realities related to the questions of otherwise perennial ignorance of Where from we are, Why we are born as we are, to where we are, what for we are, are related to the very existence of our life? Can anybody help us in this regard? If not, then we require another mean to know about all these facts which are very closely related to our very existence itself.

According to the Glorious Quran, truth is public asset of all and sundry like air, water and light. God, the Almighty who has created us all, and who has made our earth a planet suitable for life and who has arranged therein air, light and water which are very essential elements for sustaining the life on this planet has  showed us the true and straight path to lead our life also. Glorious Quran looks into the fact of Divine Guidance from three angles. First, human being is in need of guidance from God to know the truth as human knowledge has got its own strength and weakness, limits and limitations, frailties and flaws. The Glorious Quran says, “Nay! Verily, man does transgress all bounds since he considers himself self-sufficient. Surely! Unto your Lord is your recourse (for guidance)” (96: 6-8). Again it says: “And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little” (17:85). Again it says, in process of incessant uncovering of secrets of the nature, what human comes to know is that he did not know at all. (96:5). The realm of our ignorance gets widened and broadened at each instance of knowing something new. Secondly, God has taken it as His own responsibility to show the straight path and provide guidance to Human kind taking into consideration of innumerable fallacious paths that lead human being astray. The Quran says, “And upon Allah is the responsibility to show the straight path especially when there are way that turn aside” (16:9). Thirdly, it is Right of God to say humankind how to operate his life on this planet as both human being, earth and all the universe are creations of God. Quran says, “His is the creation and the commandment” (7:54). Then Glorious Quran sets two indispensable features of the truth. The truth is Universal and Absolute. It does not change from time to time, place to place or species to species. What is truth for the first human being is the truth for the last human being also. What is truth in the heavens is the truth in the earth as well. It does not change during the passage of time (“He is Allah in the heavens and on the earth” 6:3). Secondly, the means adopted by God to reveal the truth also is same and is part and parcel of Divine justice. It is the prophet-hood from the same species. “If there were on the earth, angels walking about in peace and security, we should certainly have sent down for them from the heaven an angel as a Messenger” (17:95). The same philosophy is again explained in different ways in the Quranic verses 6:8-9, 16:43.  The Glorious Quran says the first person on this planet himself was a prophet. He was a human being. The last prophet, Mohammad also is human being. All the prophets who came in between them also were human beings. This is another way from many how Islam and Glorious Quran place Jesus as a human prophet historically.

This reasoning of the truth is one among many ways through which Islam found its pathways into my heart. Through Islam, I came to know more about Moses, Jesus, Buddha and other great prophets who had come to the various parts of the world at different stages of human civilization. I found Islam as a comprehensive system and way of life immensely beautiful both in totality and in parts. I saw it as an exquisite fusion of mercy, power and force. It is the harmonious synthesis of physique and psyche, symphonic synchronization of soul and soil. I felt it as a beautiful blend of body and mind, and a melodic mixture of movement and meditation and equilibrium thereof. It is an assimilation of Love and Law. Heaven and earth assemble there and make a melodious symphony of human life out of it. It is a sweet sonata of submission of one’s will to the will of God by serving and sacrificing for the wellbeing of humanity. It is devotion to God by dedicating ourselves for the welfare of the world. Islam is all about life and for the life. It frees us from all kinds of narrowness and elevates us to the ever widening breadth of the universe. Quranically, in nutshell, it is natural face of human being or human face of the universe. We human being can align with the mainstream of universe only through Islam which means integral and undivided surrendering of our will to the will of God using the freedom given to us in a thoughtful way.

Author’s Introduction: P.P. Abdul Razak is a prolific writer besides being a professional in petrochemical industry in Kuwait. He often contributes his valuable thoughts on religion as he is moving with a mission to spread the knowledge of Islam among masses. We highly regard his contribution to IslamOnline.

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