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Prophet Film Fuels Muslim World

Published: 20/09/2012 08:18:45 PM GMT
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CAIRO - Protests against a US-made film defaming Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) escalated on Thursday, September 13, with angry demonstrators attacking American diplomatic missions in several world countrie (more)

CAIRO - Protests against a US-made film defaming Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) escalated on Thursday, September 13, with angry demonstrators attacking American diplomatic missions in several world countries.

"We can see a fire inside the compound and security forces are firing in the air,” a Yemeni witness told Reuters.

“The demonstrators are fleeing and then charging back.”

Hundreds of Yemeni demonstrators stormed the heavily-fortified US embassy in Sanaa.

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“We sacrifice ourselves for you, Messenger of God”, shouted the angry protestors.

Earlier, they smashed windows of security offices outside the embassy and burned cars.

In Egypt, more than 70 people were injured in clashes between protestors and security forces cordoning the US embassy in central Cairo.

The violence came two days after protestors scaled the walls of the US embassy and burnt down the American flag.

It also came a day after the US ambassador to Libya and three other diplomats were killed in a military-style assault on the US consulate and a safe house refuge in the eastern city of Benghazi.

Hundreds of protestors in Bangladesh also tried to march on the US embassy in Dhaka. Protests were also reported in Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.

The unrest follows the production of a US-made film insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Produced and directed by an American-Israeli real-estate developer, the movie portrays the Prophet as a fool, philanderer and a religious fake.

The film was posted on YouTube in June but drew attention last week when an Egyptian-American Copt produced a trailer in an Arabic-language blog post and e-mail newsletter publicizing the movie.

The movie was promoted by US pastor Terry Jones, who angered Muslims in 2010 with plans to burn the Noble Qur'an.

Jones called the film a "satirical" movie on the life of the Muslim Prophet, saying he showed a promotional video trailer after staging a symbolic "trial" of the Prophet.

Not Ally, Not Enemy

The anti-America anger could alter Washington's attitudes towards revolutions that swept authoritarian leaders in several Arab countries and brought Islamists to power.

"I don't think that we would consider them an ally, but we don't consider them an enemy," US President Barack Obama told Telemundo, a Spanish-language network, referring to the Islamist-led government in Egypt, Reuters reported.

He said the newly formed Egyptian government, which was democratically elected, is trying "to find its way."

He warned that if Egyptian government officials take actions showing "they're not taking responsibility," then it would "be a real big problem".

Obama's comments reflected deepened US wariness over Egypt's new Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, who took office in June after the country's first free elections.

The United States was a close ally of Egypt under ousted autocratic President Hosni Mubarak and gives $1.3 billion in military aid a year to Egypt plus other assistance.

Obama ultimately called for Mubarak to step down as he faced mass protests in early 2011. But the US president was criticized for taking too long to assert American influence.

On Thursday, the White House said Obama had spoken with the presidents of Egypt and Libya to discuss the violence against US diplomatic compounds.

Obama, in his call to Morsi, said Egypt "must cooperate with the United States in securing US diplomatic facilities and personnel," the White House said.

Earlier, the Egyptian president condemned attacks on the US embassy in Cairo and vowed to protect foreign missions in Egypt."Expressing opinion, freedom to protest and announcing positions is guaranteed, but without assaulting private or public property, diplomatic missions or embassies," he said during a visit to Brussels.

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