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Published: 16/08/2013 04:18:19 AM GMT
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CAIRO - Extending a helping hand to disadvantaged people, has launched a project to help Muslim organizations and activists around the world to reach out to those in need.“It gladdens my heart to see this proje (more)

CAIRO - Extending a helping hand to disadvantaged people, has launched a project to help Muslim organizations and activists around the world to reach out to those in need.

“It gladdens my heart to see this project launched as Muslims worldwide observe the rituals of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of mercy, blessings and solidarity,” Kamal Badr, editor-in-chief of, says.

“This project reflects part of what OnIslam stands for, not just a website that provides information. It's also a platform that connects people with one another, unifying and gearing them up for the noble goal of helping the needy, coming to the aid of people and putting smile back to the lips of those who are in calamity and distress.”

Humanitarian Interactive Database

Muslims 4 Humanity page Ramadan Charity Report

Themed “Muslims 4 Humanity”, the project aims to provide information to humanitarian organizations and activists to help those in need.

"It took from us several brainstorming meetings and virtual conferences with our correspondents in many countries till we shaped the mission of Muslims 4 Humanity,” Ms Rasha Mohamed, the managing editor of Society section, says.

The page highlights the humanitarian role of Muslim charity organizations, and positive models that Muslim volunteers can present to their communities.

It also offers the audience a chance to know more about Muslim activities in the field of charity, relief, and development.

“The page covers through diverse mediums, like features, videos and photo galleries, unique examples of humanitarian projects of positive impact on the local communities,” Ms Mohamed says.

“Though some of these projects and activities are not highly presented in the international media coverage, we here spot the light on them to spread the word on what Muslims can do serving their communities."

Muslims 4 Humanity

The page includes a database that allows Muslim charities to register and share information about their activities.

“Basic part of Muslims 4 Humanity page is the Humanitarian Interactive Database for Organizations and Volunteers, where they can register sharing information about their current and future activities,” Ms Mohamed says.

“The role of this database is displaying big number of Muslim organizations and volunteers to enable both of them to interact and exchange experience."

Organizers hope that the new humanitarian page will help ease the burdens of needy people around the world.

“Through this project of “Muslims 4 Humanity”, we call on the organizations working in all different kinds of humanitarian domains to make use of this platform, by sharing information about their organizations and their activities, and thus enabling people in need to get more access to their services,” Mr Badr, the OnIslam editor-in-chief says.

“At the same time, we believe this will also provide a golden opportunity for volunteers , from different corners of life, to connect and reach out to the larger world and make their skills and services accessible to whoever might be in need.

“All this comes in line with the divine instructions from Almighty Allah, “Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa (virtue, righteousness and piety)” (Qur'an 5, verse 2).

“This is one of the important projects OnIslam plans to launch this year, in line with our mission that goes beyond the traditional line of providing information, may Allah help us achieve success in propagating His message of unity, love and solidarity.” is an independent website that aims at becoming a reference on Islam and Muslims-related issues for Muslims, new Muslims as well as interested non-Muslims.It seeks to review and renew contemporary Islamic discourses and help reach common grounds among people of different faiths and cultures.

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