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Official End of Iraq War

Published: 16/12/2011 04:21:00 PM GMT
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After huge blood-shed, the United States military officially has announced to end its operation in Iraq. However, there is the continuity of violence in the country by the US military. Despite the end of the war, the US cannot be considered trustworthy as many Muslim countries have been ruined due to pseudo stories like 9/11 incidents.

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta thanked the American servicemen who did military operation in Iraq. He was addressing to more than a million military men in an equipped solid quad at the Baghdad Airport. These army men did the worst possible to the Iraq in last nine years. There has been a continuous blood-shed in the country. Now, the city is ruined and silent as most of the citizens are burnt die and there are more graveyards than houses in the cities. At the graves of the Iraqi people, the American Defense ministers claim that the American military has faced many challenges and has showed “remarkable progress”. According to him the war was a struggle for democracy.

The Muslim world should be clear that the US has not ended it actually. As the defense secretary has cleared that the US will be with Iraqi people to build a stronger and more prosperous nation. The Iraqi people need to reconsider the message before misinterpreting it. There is a possibility that the America makes the country prosperous the way it democratize it. For sure, Iraqi people don’t need the US to be on their side as making them prosperous can burn them alive and it may mean a lot of more graveyards. The reason mr. Panetta gave to reconsidering the operation in Iraq is that the Iraq will be tested in the coming days by violence and by those who would look for to split through economic and social issues etc.

The US military handled the bases over to the government of Iraq. The Iraqi government is fully supporting the US military as all other governments in Islamic countries. The role of Arab spring cannot be ignored in this regard. The Arab spring has changed the face of the Arab countries. The new revolutionary protests can be the favorable chance for any of the party__Islamists and the US. It is important to understand the tools that are being used by the US to engage the revolutionaries to serve their purposes.

The control of the bases is given to the Iraqi military. There was meeting that between Iraqi and the US military officials. In the meeting documents have been signed in which the bases are handed over to the Iraqi military. It was a secret meeting that was not public and the keys were turned over. The American Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin E. Dempsey claimed to have told the truth to the Iraqi military at the end of the meeting. The general has visited Iraq twice in 2003. It is a question for the whole Muslim world that what is the truth and how bitter is it?

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