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Netanyahu Wishes Death to All Arabs

Published: 17/02/2012 05:18:39 PM GMT
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CAIRO - Hateful comments expressing relief that only Palestinians were killed in the school bus crash near Jerusalem appeared on Israeli Prime Mini (more)

CAIRO - Hateful comments expressing "relief" that "only Palestinians" were killed in the school bus crash near Jerusalem appeared on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's official Facebook page, following the incident that killed eight Palestinian kids and their teacher.

"Death to Arabs, why do we help them?" comment was posted on the Facebook pages of Netanyahu, Wallah and the Israel Police, Haaretz reported on Friday, February 17.

Other comments expressed satisfaction that "only Palestinians" were the victims.

At least eight Palestinian children and a teacher were killed Thursday, February 16, when an articulated lorry skidded on a wet road in the West Bank and collided with a school bus.

"There are between eight and 10 Palestinian children dead ... and more than 30 injured," Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri told Agence France Presse (AFP) on Friday.

Medical officials at the main hospital in the West Bank city of Ramallah said a teacher was among the dead, and that many of the children were "of kindergarten age" -- between four and six years old.

While more than 40 injured people were fighting for their lives, Netanyahu's facebook page was filled by posts including sighs of relief that 'only Palestinians' were killed.

Other comments included "Can we send another truck?" and "I'd send a double-trailer to wipe out all those shits" after the bus overturned when it crashed into a truck.  

Though Netanyahu expressed sorrow over the accident in official comments, his aides did not remove the racist comments from his Facebook page or denounce them.

"Relax, it's Palestinian children," someone wrote on Wallah's Facebook page. Others wrote "Great! Fewer terrorists" and "May there be such buses every day."

Similar comments were posted on the police's Facebook page, including "When they grew up they'd be terrorists .... God nipped them in the bud."

Netanyahu's aides declined to comment. Wallah site editor Gadi Lahav said "we monitor the page every few minutes and delete unworthy comments like these."

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas declared three days of national mourning and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent condolences and an offer of help.

"Flags will fly at half-mast at all institutions," Abbas said in a televised announcement.

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