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Muslims Urged to Vote in US Election

Published: 03/11/2012 01:18:13 PM GMT
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CAIRO - As the clock is ticking toward the Election Day, American Muslim voters are urged to go in droves to polling stations on Tuesday, November 6, to choose the new occupant of the White House.“As American Citizens, we (more)

CAIRO - As the clock is ticking toward the Election Day, American Muslim voters are urged to go in droves to polling stations on Tuesday, November 6, to choose the new occupant of the White House.

“As American Citizens, we can make our voices heard by exercising our votes,” the umbrella Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) said in a press release e-mailed to on Saturday, November 3.

“Everyone here, and all your families and friends, must help choose our political leaders, by voting for those we think are best.

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“No matter what, we must participate, so our voices will count on Election Day.”

Americans are going to choose a new president on Tuesday between incumbent Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

With four days left until Tuesday's election, Obama and Romney are essentially tied in national polls.

The Democrat leader, however, holds a slight edge in the battleground states that are crucial to gaining the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

The two candidates have resumed their electoral campaigns after a short hiatus over the deadly storm Sandy, which ravaged the North-east on Monday.

Obama won plaudits for turning his attention to storm relief earlier this week, but growing frustration among victims could hurt the Democrat if the federal response is deemed unsatisfactory.

A variety of state polls show Obama still has slight leads in four states - Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Wisconsin - that would give him 277 electoral votes, barring any surprises elsewhere.

Obama plans to visit Ohio each of the next three days, and will close the campaign on Monday with a swing through his Midwestern safety net of Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa.

Romney needs a breakthrough in one of those Midwestern states, or an upset in another state where Obama is even more heavily favored, to have a shot at making his electoral math work.

The Republican candidate is within striking distance of Obama in four other states with a combined 55 electoral votes - Florida, Virginia, Colorado and New Hampshire.

A series of Reuters/Ipsos online state polls found Obama led Romney among likely voters by a narrow margin of 3 percentage points in Virginia and 2 points in Ohio and Florida. They were tied in Colorado.

Muslim Duty

ISNA said that voting in the presidential election is the duty of every American citizen, including Muslims.

“We Muslims in America are blessed to be part of a vibrant and open democracy that actively seeks our participation, with candidates and staff coming to Juma and even `Eid prayers, holding Town Hall meetings and other events to ask our support,” the umbrella group said.

“Remember - voting is not only halal, and "permissible" according to Muslim scholars across America, the Fiqh Council, ISNA and our own Imam Mohamed Magid. But it actually is our duty.

Opinion polls have shown that most Muslim voters support Obama's re-election on November 6.

The poll, by an independent research firm on behalf of the umbrella Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) found that 68% of Muslim voters support Obama.

Around 7% of respondents said they will vote for Romney.

The poll also found that 25% of registered Muslim voters are still undecided to whom they would vote.

“Allah (SWT) calls on us repeatedly in the Qur'an to "enjoin good and forbid evil" and the Prophet (SAW) continually reminds us that whoever sees anything wrong in this world should immediately seek to make it better, and "change it with his hand,” ISNA said.

Though there are no official figures, the United States is believed to be home to nearly six to eight million Muslims.Although the Muslim population in the US may be small, the voting power of this group could become significant in a close election as a significant number of US Muslims live in key swing states such as Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

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