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Muslim Scholars throughout the Arab World Call for Protecting Syria's Religious Minorities

Published: 17/03/2013 11:15:27 AM GMT
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08 February 2012 A joint declaration on Syria has been issued by 107 leading muslim scholars and intellectuals from nearly ever (more)

08 February 2012

A joint declaration on Syria has been issued by 107 leading muslim scholars and intellectuals from nearly every country in the Arab world. Among the many demands that they make is that the Syrian Free Army and all other groups participating in the Syrian resistance must ensure that the rights of Syria's religious and ethnic minorities and protect them from harm.

Resolution number 5 reads in part: It is their duty to protect the rights of Syria's religious and ethnic minorities. These minorities have been an integral part of the Syrian people for over a thousand years. They, like everyone else, enjoy full rights of citizenship. Syria has sizable religious and ethnic minorities. Roughly nine percent of Syrians are Christians. Twelve percent are Shi'ite of various denominations. While Druze make up three percent.

Syria's largest ethnic minority are the Kurds, who represent nine percent of the Syrian population. Other ethnic minorities include Turkomen, Assyrians, and Armenians.

The declaration condemns the atrocities committed by Syria's ruling regime against the country's civilian population and gives its support to the country's popular resistance.

The 107 signitories also declare that it is sinful for any Syrian to continue serving in Syria's armed forces or for anyone to continue suppporting the ruling regime. They call upon those who have already participated in the killing of civilians to desist and repent to God.

They also call upon the countries of the world to put diploamtic pressure upon Syria as well as upon its main allies, Russia and China, and call upon the people of the world to boycott Russian and Chuinese products as long as those countries contibnue to support the Syrian ruling regime.

They say that Russia and China should "stop using the blood of innocent Syrians as a means to protect their military and economic presence in the region."

Among the leading scholars who signed the declaration are: the Mufti of Egypt Dr. Ali al-Gomaa, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi of Qatar, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Bayyih of Mauritania, Sheikh Salman al-Oadah of Saudi Arabia, and Sheikh Abdulmajid al-Zindani of Yemen.

Source: IslamToday

Reproduced with permission from Islam Today