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Muslim Pilgrim Regains Sight in Madinah

Published: 17/10/2013 08:30:07 PM GMT
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JEDDAH -Worshipers in the Madinah mosque of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were surprised to hear a cry of joy from an elderly Sudanese pilgrim saying that she could see again.“I can't believe what happened to me,” S (more)

JEDDAH -Worshipers in the Madinah mosque of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) were surprised to hear a cry of joy from an elderly Sudanese pilgrim saying that she could see again.

“I can't believe what happened to me,” Sudanese pilgrim Fatima Al Mahi told Saudi Arabic language daily Okza, Emirate 24/7 reported on Monday, October 14.

Fatima said that she was staying at Prophet's mosque when she started to see the light she had been deprived of for the past seven years.

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“I could see my son for the first time in seven years and I can now move without help from anyone,” she added.

The story of Fatima started when she lost her sight seven years ago.

Despite going through several operations at home to cure her, the case did not change. At that time, she started to believe that she might regain sight if she could get chance to perform hajj, visiting Makkah and Madinah.

Going to hajj this year, the elderly woman stayed for long hours inside the Prophet mosque, praying to Allah.

“I had great hope that  I would regain my sight when I go to Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage,” she was quoted by Okza.

“I spent a few days at the Grand Mosque praying to God the Almighty to cure me.

“I was sitting at a corner at the Grand Mosque when suddenly the blackness started clearing off my eyes and I started to see again,” she added.

Every year, Makkah hosts millions of Muslims from around the world pouring to perform hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam.

Pilgrims usually drink from the blessed Well of Zamzam which has been gushing for thousands of years.

Allah created the Zamzam well to provide Hajar, the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), and her baby son Isma`eel with water in the hot, dry valley of Makkah.

In her desperate search for water, Hajar ran seven times back and forth in the scorching heat between the two hills of Safa and Marwa to provide for her thirsty baby.

The act remains a necessary rite all pilgrims must complete.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has recommended drinking from the blessed water, saying it serves whatever purpose it is being used for.

Islam also teaches that in the case of physical sickness we should adopt the best available medical treatment as well as praying to Allah.

The command to pray is relevant not only in the case of physical sickness, but also in the case of all human endeavors.

This is because we are incapable of achieving anything on our own, without the help of God, the One and Only Creator and Sustainer of all.

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