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Muslim News in Brief for Feb. 10

Published: 10/02/2013 05:18:27 PM GMT
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CAIRO - Many important events are happening around the world that have a lot to do with Muslims.

CAIRO - Many important events are happening around the world that have a lot to do with Muslims. tries to bring to the audience some of these news, just in brief, to have a glimpse on these global events.

Muslim Brotherhood Names aide as Egypt Mufti

Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood has nominated one of its leaders for the influential position of grand mufti. Abdel-Rahman Al-Bar is among candidates for the post of mufti to succeed incumbent Ali Gomaa.

Muslim scholars chaired by Al-Azhar Grand Imam are due to pick the new mufti on Monday from a shortlist of three candidates and send their choice to President Mohamed Morsi to approve.

‘Terrorist' Hijab Event Upsets Virginia Muslims

A planned Republican event in Virginia that relates the Muslim headscarf (hijab) to terrorism is inviting the fury of US Muslims as a new example of incitement against the sizable religious minority.

Islam Attracts Bulgaria's Roma

A growing numbers of the Roma minority in Bulgaria are reverting to Islam. The new reverts say that they found inner peace in the new religion.

Youngest Qur'an Hafiz Fascinates Nigerians

A three-year-old girl is amazing Nigeria after memorizing the whole Qur'an, becoming one of the youngest Muslims in the world to learn the Noble Book by heart.

Anti-Muslim graffiti at New Jersey college

An anti-Muslim graffiti was painted on the door of a Muslim student group's headquarters in Montclair State University in New Jersey. The drawing includes a picture of planes hitting the World Trade Center.

Iran Celebrates Islamic Revolution

Thousands of Iranians marched Sunday, February 10, to mark the 34th anniversary of the Islamic revolution that toppled the US-backed Shah.

Tunisia President's party Quits Islamist-led govt

Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki's secular party withdrew on Sunday, February 10, from an Islamist-led government following last week's assassination of opposition leader Chokri Belaid

Indonesia Journalists Need Access to Islam Knowledge

A survey has found that religious intolerance among Indonesian journalists remains high. The poll, by Pantau Foundation, underlined the need for access to adequate knowledge of Islam for journalists.

 UK Non-Muslims Endorse Modest Burkini

Designed originally for Muslim women to practice their favorite sport, the burkini, a head-to-toe swimming suit, is gaining more popularity among non-Muslims in Britain.

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