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More sanctions for Iran if they would not stop the Nuclear development said Obama

Published: 01/01/2012 09:38:00 AM GMT
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Recently president Obama has signed new sanctions upon Iran when Iran set forth the talks to the western countries upon their nuclear programme and also said that it had delayed long-range missile tests in Gulf.

The US agenda to bring down the Iran in all ways have been largely increased as many leaders of Europeon Union have also demanded to increase tougher sanctions upon Iran by the end of this month. The West unites again on the agenda to not allow any nuclear developments from Iran.

This time the sanctions have been implemented on the Central Bank of Iran where it would be more promptly black listed from the international market while the 4 existing rounds of sanctions for United Nation’s Security Council continue to pressurize the government of Iran to stop any development relating Nuclear weaponary.

The defence funding bill approved by congress last week has aimed to reduce the oil based revenue of Iran as it constitutes to the biggest bulk of Irania exports. Much of the revenue has also been dealt with the Central Bank of Iran and all of this having nothing to do with the nuclear development in Tehran, Iran was sanctioned by the US president Obama while his visit to Hawaii for Christmas.

These sanctions could be made more serious so Iran could not be able to export any crude oil to the few left states who have denied the previous sanctions of US for business purposes. While this time US plans to take actions against the Iran’s market that are their primary buyers of crude oil, since Iran could be made the most richest state in gulf as it is the 4th biggest oil producer of the world.

While the Senior US official in Washington had a contradicting statement against the msot recent sanctions where he said that US would also promote talks to countries demanding to end the power crisis, as US does not favor the devastation of global energy markets. The double game of politically manipulating the growth in gulf by US’s double standards have been strengthened under the support of UN and Security Council.

While the concpet of growing sanctions was predicted by Iran, and they have responded to the growing pressures manipulated by Washington by warning this week that it could shut the Strait of Hormuz and would end any exports and imports particularly for Western States if sanctions were imposed on its oil exports. It would not be tolerated by Iran that personal issues would be made global and considered threat while US kills all the muslim world. Iran also launched a 10 days of naval wargames in the Gulf as a show of strength in the region, particularly for all those countries which favor US and are dealt with their exports and imports to further rattling oil markets and pushing up the price of crude.

In past Iran has also threatened US and Israel that it would seize any exports to be passed from the water way where almost 40% of the worlds oil is exported and imported only if it would in any case be attacked by US or Israel. The Iranian threats have briefly pushed the benchmark Brent crude to rise up by more than a dollar to over $109 or 70.18 pounds a barrel this week. While Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi told on Saturday's weekly Aseman that further sanctions would push the rates of oil over $200 a barrel.

Regardless of the countries currency and financial conditions the sanctions would be thought of again by both sides, but the aggression shown by US does not seem to stop regarding the nuclear development as it would strengthen the muslim world in the gulf which goes against the US and Israel’s interests.

More sanctions for Iran exprts.