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Malian Artist Displays Work on Religion in Africa in 7-Metre Window of London's Rivington Place

Published: 10/12/2011 03:13:23 AM GMT
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02 December 2011

A 7-metre-long textile work by Malian artist Artist Abdoulaye Konaté that explores the relationship in Africa between power and religion -- the position of Christianity and Islam within political and cultural life -- will be displayed to the public at large from the window of London's Rivington Place (pictured).

The work will be on show from 7 December 2011 until 3 January 2012 as the Institute of International Visual Arts fifth annual window commission.

The piece was specially commissioned for the vast window space of Rivington Place, the RIBA award-winning London art gallery dedicated to the display, debate and reflection of global diversity issues in the contemporary visual arts. the art work will be visible from the street.

Born in Diré, Mali in 1953, Konaté lives and works in the country's capital, Bamako. Having trained as a painter, he now works with Malian cotton creating textiles and canvases in response to a lack of availability of other materials.

In this new work he takes the striking plumage of the guinea fowl as his starting point, drawing upon its significance south of the Sahara where it appears in tales, legends, theatre and literature.

Here Konaté is reflecting on Malian writer Massa Makan Diabaté's comment that ‘the guinea fowl spreads out its colours over its plumage and man keeps them in his heart' (from The Hairdresser of Kouta). Konaté sees this akin to the ambiguous position heads of governments take with respect to religion.

In 2008 Konaté was nominated for the Artes Mundi Prize. Other recent exhibitions include Documenta 12, 2007 and Africa Remix, Contemporary Art of a Continent in 2005 at the Hayward Gallery, London.


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Reproduced with permission from Islam Today

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