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Israel stresses allies, sympathizers to the maximum

Published: 15/03/2013 06:23:00 AM GMT
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In their soaring days, days of glory, the United States and Europe managed to support Israel unconditionally; the support was practically unquestioned and open ended. At the time they owned the world economy, they had an almost unchallengeable military might, and critically, they practically dictated the world’s direction through their massive monopoly on the media.

By Zaher Mahruqi

In their soaring days, days of glory, the United States and Europe managed to support Israel unconditionally; the support was practically unquestioned and open ended. At the time they owned the world economy, they had an almost unchallengeable military might, and critically, they practically dictated the world’s direction through their massive monopoly on the media.

At the time the world was effectively one-poled and the US and Europe had done a great job to convince their populations that challenging the communists among other lies were fundamental duties. By using the fumes of war against communists, they managed to convince their populations and a good chunk of the world of another “holy” undertaking; that Israel were a victim of bullying by neighbors and it was a duty to support its inhabitants as they’d already suffered greatly in the hands of Hitler. They suffered so much that they even won the right to be supported even where they themselves committed atrocities against others as part of their own eternal healing process.

At present, people awakened by open media and ease of communication and motivated by the need to find answers partly due to their personal woes, the dirty game is being exposed; people want to understand the true root of the blind support to Israel.  What is in it for us? They ask.

In the past, when foresighted thinkers of the West and East implicated Israel in involvements in many terrible things such attempting to and igniting wars through the control of American and influencing European foreign policies, they were practically dubbed as psychotics conspiracy theorists.

But when it got close to home so much so that people started thinking about what the thinkers were saying all along.  When Europeans and Americans as a people started believing what was already obvious, that people around the world despised them for their governments’ support of criminal entities such as Israel, they finally understood that they were being led astray.

9/11 which was initially strongly blamed on Islam had a long term psychological impact of diverting how people thought of each other in the world. Questions like, are these Muslim people as bad as what is being told to us? Are they truly evil and ignorant? Are they truly barbaric? Are they really our natural enemies?

After absorbing the initial shock which Israel utilized to the maximum to antagonize Islam further to Westerners, people started thinking about the matter more deeply.  People were awakened from a deep sleep and Israel started to seem to them that it was part of their many problems.

People started asking questions even writing books discussing subjects that were considered sin against Jews. Basic questions such as don’t occupied lands deserve fighting for? Is a person fighting for his home land truly a terrorist? Is our media biased? If others are denied nuclear capabilities why then a next door neighbor has been allowed to own uncounted numbers of the same? People even questioned whether events that unfolded during Hitler’s reign took place the way it has been orated to them. People started questioning the Holocaust itself!

The impact of the ensuing credit crunch has brought its own set of questions that demanded answers.  People don’t understand nor agree with the continued support of a country that is illegally built and maintained while people in the West are increasingly suffering the effects of economic meltdown, unemployment and poverty; Israel still enjoys massive support, why? people ask. In fact, to their dismay, extra effort is being put to ensure that Israel doesn’t suffer the economic impact of the crunch and that her weapon depots remain fulfilled and up to date.

If we take the current tensions between Iran and her allies on the one hand and the US, Europe and their allies on the other as an example of the changing mentality, people no longer blindly agree with their politicians.  They don’t see the US nor Europe staunchly anti Iran without thinking of Israel’s involvement in the matter.  And when Netanyahu makes idiotic demonstration such as the atomic bomb caricature to paint Iran as evil that must be stopped, it doesn’t help Western leaders; it just makes Western populations laugh at what their governments are buying into and what they themselves had bought into for decades.

It is this awakening to the linkage between US’s and Europe’s foreign policies to Israel’s wishes that have changed the platform.  People in economic difficulties can’t understand obsessing about Iran’s affairs when it has no direct linkage to their well being. People want to know what necessitates the continuing support of a proven unjust and brutal entity while the donors themselves are facing serious challenges of their own. The sanctions against Iran and others that are incited and fueled by Israel and which result in increased fuel costs for example, effectively, a self-sanctioning act, is really annoying to millions of Westerners.

It is no longer accurate to suppose that the majority of Westerners as a people agree with their government’s policies; they are simply unable to intervene at present but a good portion of them is fed up with the general lack of logic in their politician’s obsessive pursuits.

It is no longer understandable nor acceptable being directed and dictated by the Zionist city-state set on occupied territories and whose fate is sealed by its very actions.  They simply fail to see the point of it at all. The world’s hate and wrath, the stepping on their own founding principles, support of brutality, support of murders, support of all sorts of injustices at high cost to them; every which way they think about it they find it senseless.

Consequently, domestically, selling the same old stories about the near spiritual duty to assist Israel is increasingly more difficult.  The majority are simply no longer buying the rationalizations given to them as regards to the unceasing support. That is why you find people like Mr. Obama out of words save repeating the phrase that we must support Israel because it is our traditional ally. As to why? Even Obama becomes speechless!

On basis of human rights alone, Americans and Europeans of morality do not wish to continue assisting a system that is responsible for many mass killings of children, women and the elderly; usurpation, incitements  and one which has ignored all the agreed upon understandings of human rights.

Israel has one of the dirtiest records on abuse of prisoners and prisoners of war.  Israel as a state has the worst record of abuse against children. Israel has the longest illegal occupation record of any other in recent history. Israel has had a big role in igniting and fueling the so called war on terror and hence Westerners of thoughts hold her accountable to a great extent. Israel has antagonized the West and other parts of the world to levels that make it almost impossible to reconcile and the public is now outraged. Why the continued support, they wonder!

Israel has become personally embarrassing to Obama, the US congress and the European political elite by its continued snubbing of their appeals to the Jewish state to change course.  The US representative to the UN has become subject of loathing by other members who see the Americans as subjecting them to undue pressures as it relates to Israel’s disregard for UN charters.  Many members find themselves pinned between their public who demand justice for Palestinians and punishment for Israel and the Americans and Europeans who are holding the dull side of the economic and political dagger.

Israel has ultimately become the West’s worst nightmare. A country that was formed in order to get the Jews out of Europe and the US while misleading the world to believe that it was done out of compassion and the urge to do the right thing has now turned the tables on her creators.  Israel no longer listens to anyone, not even Jewish organizations in the US or Europe.

Europe and America as governments know the new realities but seem to have delved to deep into their blind and decades long support for Israel that they fear getting out would be eventful.  They are so enmeshed that breaking the marriage is almost impossible. Israel has simply got the best out of policies of the West but the public is adamant to make an end to that unholy union.

The US and European politicians used to need to declare their support for Israel to amass public support and ensure a successful candidacy and they still do need to kiss up to Jewish bodies within and without their countries just to play it safe.  However, if current perceptions and statements by many within the political establishments and within the public are any indication of the future, where we are headed, political distancing from Israel would be the precondition to stand a chance at politics.

Within Israel itself, some politicians and scores of people now realize that where they are being herded towards is dangerous grounds.  They understand that their game has been exposed and sooner or later the European and American public would have a spring of their own and will demand departure from the abnormal and unwarranted support to a small country that has rendered hundreds of millions of people hated for no fault of their own.

For now the Westerners must contend with the fact that “whoever plants a thorn should not expect to harvest grapes”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu