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International Museum of Women Launches Online Muslim Art Exhibit

Published: 01/06/2013 10:14:37 AM GMT
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March 9, 2013 To mark International Women's Day, the International Museum of Women (IMOW) launched Muslima: Muslim Women's Art (more)

March 9, 2013

To mark International Women's Day, the International Museum of Women (IMOW) launched "Muslima: Muslim Women's Art and Voices", a free, online exhibit featuring multimedia works from artists spanning the globe. In addition to traditional gallery pieces, the exhibit features interactives including a profile of Azizah Magazine editor Tayyibah Taylor, infographics about women's participation in US mosques, and interviews with leading women's rights advocates.

The initiative prides itself on being interactive and has partnered with the Women's Museum in Denmark, the Ayala Museum in the Philippines, and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization in the UAE, to promote forty specific artists as 'Muslima Ambassadors'. It also includes an open call for submissions from the public and will update the gallery's content on a rolling basis.

Curator Samina Ali , the award-winning author of the novel Madras on Rainy Days, says she scoured the globe to interview Muslim women who are making an impact on their communities.

"Whether it's fighting for equal justice under the law or creating images that challenge traditional notions of femininity, these women are part of a global movement that is elevating the role of Muslim women in society," says Ali, an Indian-born Muslim who now lives in the Bay Area of California. "From the Arab Spring to the U.S. State Department, we are seeing unprecedented numbers of Muslim women involved in public life."

"We are inspired by the courage and creativity of Muslim women around the world," says Catherine King , IMOW's Interim Executive Director. "Our hope is that this exhibition will foster a dialogue between Muslim women and the larger community of women and men of all backgrounds who are working for tolerance, equality and justice."


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