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Increasing ties between the Turkish and French Government over Armenian Genocide history

Published: 23/12/2011 08:08:00 AM GMT
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Recently the French lawmakers have voted to outlaw the denial of World War 1 Armenian Genocide during the era of 1915 that has a historical background with the Turks. It has been heard that Turkey has reacted with fury and anger upon the disgrace shown by the French, which resulted in an immediate cutting down the military ties along with a warning that such quotations would bring an irreparable damage to the relations between the countries.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in rage has said on Thursday that "This is politics based on racism, discrimination and xenophobia," and also proposed the ordering home Ankara's ambassador to Paris and banning all the political visits between the two NATO allies. Due to such racist ties Turkey has come up with the plan of revising foreign policies and relations with France. Prime Minister said "There was no genocide committed in our history. We do not accept this."

While the French National Assembly had already voted to approve the initial first reading of the law which would eventually ban anyone from denying that the hundreds of thousands of killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turk forces during World War I would amount to genocide.

Turkey also claims that French would not be allowed to use any of the Turkey‘s air base and their requests to use would be a subject to case by case request and there would be no approved demand for French military vessels to be ducked at the Turkish port.

The prime minister Erdogan also added that Turkey may also come in a state where it would have to boycott a joint economic committee meeting in Paris that was expected to be held in January, this is a movement that has been the worries of businessmen on both the ends that would affect almost 12 billion euros through an annual trade between the two powers. The United States has also quickly reacted to an unsettling issue and has urged the two NATO allies to de-escalate Turkey. U.S representative and a senior diplomat, on condition of anonymity, said "We obviously wish to see good relations between France and Turkey, we hope they can resolve their differences between them quickly, they're both stalwart NATO allies and partners,"

Erdogan has also accused French President Nicolas Sarkozy of misusing the domestic voters out of which there are hundreds of thousands of whom are of Armenian descent, and they have also warned that these measures were the first in an escalating scale of the process of ranging sanctions. Statements upon the old times and how to maintain the balance had already been the highlight of the media "History and people will never forgive those exploiting historical facts and system to achieve political ends," he said while sharing his personal views on Sarkozy's motives that is shared by many of his domestic critics of Turkey.

As a result instead of overcoming the differences between the 2 countries, Sarkozy's government has insisted the law and has declared it a parliamentary idea, yet it was drafted by members of his UMP political party and it was also passed in the first of a series of these small vote bank which is expected to be possessing only a small number of lawmakers in a sparsely attended house. While there has been no positive sign shown by France instead in Paris, Foreign Minister Alain Juppe's office issued an officials in Turkey to "express regret" over Erdogan's decision and calling for dialogue.

"Turkey is an ally of France and a strategic partner," stated by Juppe, that have already been citing work done by the United States in NATO and the G20 to represent the rest to be addressed the crisis in Syria, bring peace to Afghanistan and develop security in the Mediterranean. There are many supporters claiming that the law which will impose a 45,000 euro fine along with a full one year jail on all who would deny the genocide. Which is an overdue measure to protect the memory of one of the 20th century's worst massacres during the early WW1. So far Turkey has been arguing that Armenia's estimate for almost 1.5 million people dead is nothing but an exaggeration. It puts the death toll at about 500,000 and doesn’t agree to the term genocide. This doesn’t include any other death ascribing the deaths to fighting and starvation during World War I. to support this new propaganda full of accusations accusing the Armenians of siding with Russian invaders.

Further notices have also been issued by the Turkish embassy in Paris and has repeatidly said to its ambassador to settle this problem down. Since the PM had been recalled and would leave on Friday, while angry crowds in Ankara had been chanting "We have not committed genocide, we defended the homeland. Wait for us France, we will come." Their draft law will now presented to further resolutions as it would be debated by the Senate and parliamentary committees, and may also be enacted early next year."We're not trying to write history but to make an indispensable political act," Patrick Devedjian, a lawmaker of Armenian descent, told parliament.

France being a home to around 500,000 citizens of Armenian descent and origin and they are also taken as the major and a vital key of support for Sarkozy and the UMP ahead of presidential and legislative elections in April and June next year as it was predicted. Turks have also claimed that this is nothing but the criminalization of changing and altering history. Turkey is about to join the European Union and they have always been in a tensed state with such remarks, but such an anarchy would cause the disruption of many businesses in both countries, while the Europe is already struggling from recession if this would prevail things would get difficult for both the countries for survival.

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Ties between Turkey and France over Armenian Genocide