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High-tech services for African pilgrims

Published: 19/07/2013 01:43:23 PM GMT
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MAKKAH: The Tawafa Establishment for Non-Arab African Pilgrims has introduced modern technology in all its activi (more)

MAKKAH: The Tawafa Establishment for Non-Arab African Pilgrims has introduced modern technology in all its activities and services as part of its commitment to provide excellent services to the guests of God, its chairman Abdul Wahid Burhan Seifuddin said.

“The establishment has introduced state-of-the-art technology in its performance operations and administration to upgrade the level of its activities,” he said.
Seifuddin said the establishment is operating using an integrated electronic system, which helps it to monitor its progress and other developments.
Seifuddin said this year the establishment has completed the execution of its entire plan, aimed at updating all its departments and administrations electronically.
“This system makes it easy for the establishment to provide high-quality and speedy services to the pilgrims,” he said.
The chairman said the establishment has developed detailed maps for the Holy Sites and pinpointed the accommodation of pilgrims in Makkah using GPS satellite technology through to the new system. “This has made it easy for concerned authorities and the establishment's employees to remain in direct contact with the pilgrims,” he added.
He said the establishment has secured the necessary equipment, programs and qualified manpower that would help it carry out its duties satisfactorily. “Our aim is to provide pilgrims with the best of services that will enable them to perform the Haj rites with ease, safety and comfort,” he added. Seifuddin pointed out that the work of his establishment reflected the aspirations of the Saudi leadership.
“Under the follow up and guidance of Haj Minister Fouad Al-Farsy, we have deployed all our human and material resources for the comfort and convenience of the pilgrims,” he said.
The establishment started implementing its Haj plan through a series of meetings with the heads of the Haj missions and Haj service operators. “Through our field teams and reception and follow up committees, we work 24/7 for the comfort and welfare of pilgrims,” he said.

Reproduced from Arab News