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Growing ties between Lebanon and United States

Published: 25/12/2011 08:37:00 PM GMT
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Tension is mounting up between Lebanon and the US. Since decades Hezbolluah has backed the rise of Muslims against the control of US within the middle east, the immediate exchange of harsh words was subjected to Syria which the Hezbolluah’s connections with the intelligence claims as the next victim or the battle field for the US and NATO forces. While CIA claims that Hezbolluah is a terrorist organization as it has been backing-up Syrians and Iranians in various political issues. Yet the clash of ideologies is gaining heat due to which crisis in Syria are rising upon people with Shiite beliefs.

Iran, Syria and Lebanon have strong Shiite population and they have been protesting against the US controlling system for Middle East since decades, many claim that this the only obvious reason why US and NATO forces draw their sanctions and arms upon states that have Shiite population.

As the tension in whole of the Arab world is increasing more people have started to favor the Hezbolluah ideology instead of the US, UN and NATO based solutions.

Hezbolluah has repeatedly exposed US intelligence working in Middle East for different agendas that has not necessarily helped retrieving peace or stabilizing the economy or leadership which has brought them in the lime light, it was also declared by Paul Salem, head of the Beirut-based Carnegie Middle East Center. US and NATO forces are subjected to criticism in the whole world he also said "But there's no doubt that, given what's happening in Syria along with the US withdrawal from Iraq ... we're in a phase of high tension in which everyone's raising the pressure on their opponent."

This recent feud dates back to earlier this year when Hassan Nasralluh accused CIA for planting spies within his party ranks. This was later taken into account and a process of infiltration began which linked back to US. The whole criteria gained international attention based upon US interference with the Lebanese national interests. To retain the neutral image United States filed a criminal lawsuit against a few string of Lebanese financial institutions that had alleged ties to Hezbollah on the grounds which they were complicit forming a massive scheme to keep funneling hundreds of millions of dollars which affected the economy of Lebanon.

US claimed that all the institutions listed in accusations were earning revenue out of narcotics and many other criminal activities to fund Hezbolluh activities. This was denied by the Sheikh Naeem Qassem Hezbolluh and as a result he declared US as planning to bring down the Shiite Muslims. Hezbolluh spokesperson has also replied with certain intelligence feed. They titled US as "terrorists" for being behind twin bombings in the Syrian capital recently on Friday which left 44 dead and more than 166 viciously wounded, claimed by the officials.

The exchange of words is gradually gaining heat and both ends have shown their consent towards each other "These bombings which resulted in the death and injury of dozens of people, mainly women and children, are the specialty of the United States, the mother of terrorism," released by the movement Friday. While US plans to take actions to bring the Hezbolluah down.

The questions asked over the investigations and the Hezbolluh intelligence has claimed that, the fraction of the timing of the recent bombings on two security service offices in the Syrian capital, has signaled "cowardly, bloody act of revenge" for the US "defeat" in Iraq.

Analysts say the rising crisis in Syria, which provides Lebanon to be the only open border, has dealt with a blow to Hezbollah which must now face the possibility for a tough future as it would be without a key regional ally.

Exchange of words between Hezbolluah and Pentagon ideologies.