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Failure to launch an action against NGOs in Egypt

Published: 31/12/2011 12:30:00 PM GMT
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Since quite a while now the locals have been going against the actions of the non goernment organizations NGOs in Egypt, most of them being directly or indirectly funded by the US had been halted and tried to made ineffective and not wanted in the country, due to which no serious actions were being taken by the Egypt’s government charge holders.

Recently on Thursday Egyptian police and judicial officials raided a number of non-governmental organizations assisting laying basis for assisting and molding the governance in Egypt’s transition, these including the U.S.-funded National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute and Freedom House were also found practicing activities that were against the national intersts and security. After the gradual increase of bringing NGOs lesser in power US has stepped in to monitor the current situation. Many raids were being carried out against the illegal functions of NGOs that Egyptian authorities have repeatidly brought to notice, but rest assured the president Obama himself has advised to government to stop doing that or else there Egypt would be suffering pressure brought upon by the US.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson spoke Friday with senior Egyptian officials to discourege the practice of carrying out raids upon the NGOs working in Egypt for many different and diverse purposes, many of the NGOs included in the hitlist for not working for what they are suppose to do, were directly funded by Washington Pentagon and the State Department of US.
After a long debate pressurizing the Egyptian government it was stated that the raids would end and the seized land that was held by the NGOs illegally would also be given back to the organizations State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. She said Patterson US representative had made it clear that the US expects “all international NGOs, majority of which are US based and including those that receive US government support, should have to be able to return to normal operations as soon as possible in support of the democratic transition going throughout in Egypt.”
Patterson also made it clear that the work of NGOs should not be hindered in any way as they are working throughout the world and particularly in Egypt they lay the basis of conducting free elections and also support the democratic system of governance which Egyptions have been desparate for since a very long time. After her discussion she also called the head of Egypt’s ruling military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, for further emphasis on the importance of the administrative places on the country’s democratic transition and the ability of non-governmental organizations to work side by side to build the governement. While the many Government officials also expressed that it is a direct interference in the nation building of Egypt and what ever has happened was led by the obvious US pressures that one has to face if they go against.
Later Panetta expressed appreciation upon the decision to stop raids and the move to make it easier for NGOs to work in Egypt, on implementation of the foreign pressures Pentagon spokesman George Little said. “The secretary has emphasized that it is critical for Egypt to continue on the path to democratic transition as NGOs have provided citizens a voice that could be heard by all even the government itself,”.
It was also taken into consideration that in further cases the role of NGOs would not be questioned as the government would make consider the importance of all the NGOs working in Egypt. Panetta said “I have reaffirmed the importance of the US-Egyptian security relationships as well and it is made clear that the United States would remain committed to the strategic partnerships of Egypt and would stand ready to cooperate with Egypt for democratic system of governance”.

Pressurizing Egyptian government to seize their actions against US based NGOs