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Events of Muslim world and the year 2011

Published: 02/01/2012 08:40:00 AM GMT
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The year 2011 has been highlighted with many shocking events for the muslim world. Throughout the Middle East, South East or the Far East Muslim countries have been subjected to huge financial, and political problems and almost on all the countries the intereference and imposing a one sided story has been marked with the US followed by UN and NATO’s agenda.

This has not only provoked the youth in the muslim world but it has also helped reduce the differences which were made of primary interests based on discrimination due to following an ideology, yet that hatred has been reduced which is expected to be used again to harm the muslim unity but under the toughest circumstances even the most rigid school of thoughts regarding their islamic belief have significantly reduced the hatred from one another.

Some of the most moving events happened this year to the muslim world was the uprising of forces collaborating with NATO forces against the Libiyan leader Maummar Gaddafi which reduced which crumbled his rule and the Libiyan oil based economy it was the most shocking news that devastated and jolted the whole world.

Another grand event of the year was the overall uprise of the Arab Spring which has begun through general protests against the government and dictatorship which was followed by a huge movement. Motivating thousands of muslims throughout the Middle East in many countries like Syria, Egypt, Behrain, Somalia, Libiya, Iraq and many neighbors they all have critcized the foregin policies for the western rule of government which has been projecting there on set laws and are forcefully imposing them on the muslim world. The rise of youth in so many countries and thousands in number has shoke many government officials off their permanent authoritative seats.

Yet this has also increased the violence in almost all muslim countries, as the protesters had been subjected to bear the brutality of millitary and police in order to seize all their practices. The year 2011 was a year where nearly 3 million muslims including youth, children, women and old men are included. Yet the policies have been on their verge of being changed, still not changed.

The year 2011 was also be remembered for the year of bombing as attacks have been delibarately planted and executed in many parts of all the muslim countries which particularly included Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan which has increased the death toll to the figures that cannot be calculated in any way.

The media in all these states have also been banned and not allowed to give out such facts that show the violence of US, UN and NATO forces, which has been the major cause for all the muslim world to find the true cause on their own to solve the leadership crisis in all the muslim world.

After all the killings the acceptance of Islam as one of the most powerful and admiring religion has also risen to huge numbers and more over the problem of sectarianism often brought forward by the Saudi foreign policies has also been reduced giving room to all those people who wish to understand Islam.

Shocking events of the year 2011