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Egyptian citizens’ uproar against the Police and Military to end their brutal practices

Published: 24/12/2011 08:47:00 AM GMT
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There has been uprising against the Egyptian military and the current leadership; the active protestors have been raising their voices to end the unjust system of governance. The protest against the Government is not a new issue to be dealt with but the way things are shaping up might come up with a new future for Egypt as well. As the leadership crisis have been prevailing in most of the rich oil based countries in the Middle East.

The purpose of the protest told so far by the locals claim that military and the current Government is posing a false mage of all the active protestors, the narration provided and seen on the national television has repeatedly stated that the active protestors are none other but a bunch of thugs and dupes. Whereas a vast majority are students from various educational hubs of the capital Cairo, who have laid the basis of bringing up the correct image of all the protests occurring in various parts of the country.

The fury has been going wild after a video was uploaded and spread where the Egyptian police is brutally beating a young women in such a way where her clothes were torn off and Abaya uplifted as she is dragged unconsciously in the middle of the road. This doesn’t end her tragedy as other people are being kicked and tortured she suffers the same as men are. The video has been spread like a viral video and it has enraged Muslims from many different states all around the world.

The group of protesters had left Tahrir Square, which is considered to be the symbolic center of the country’s winter uprising whereas now it has become the center of a revolt against the military council. Which is subjected to be extreme happenings as to show the hypocrisy of the Government the protester have set up screens and projectors in many different parts of the capital Cairo to show videos depicting military brutality with the local Egyptians for all those people who have still not seen the video over the internet.

In some parts it was also criticized and a situation of violence has also broken out who support the military and many cases of violence had been reported, that resulted in an unstable situation. The protestors have also been driven away by the locals claiming that they have been a product of a foreign plot to destabilize Egypt, more over their screens were also wasted and they claimed that protestors should stay in Tahrir to avoid chaotic circumstances.

In the recent weeks the country has been a subject of division on the basis of changing ideologies. As hatred for military rises, and protestors wish to project their true image who are hoping for democracy and change of their image that is being plotted against them. While many researchers and journalists have condemned the way military and police are dealing with the protestors, they claimed that if this chaotic situation would not be handled properly in peace by the police and military than the situation can be alarming and very dangerous.

On the charges of sit outside the cabinet protest police and military has so far killed 17 protestors, which is eventually calling for a gradual increase of number of protestors. So far the government has not provided any effective solutions or policies to manage this chaotic problem which seems to be favoring the agenda of using force to bring silence in the society.

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Protesting against police brutality.