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Egypt: Sulfism or Liberalism?

Published: 05/12/2011 07:09:00 PM GMT
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Salafists in Egypt have demanded to build a state completely based on Shariah. There should be no co-education according to them and all the public and private sector institutes should separate both sexes. They have also condemned the music and most of the art forms calling them haram. They insisted on money transactions should be interest-free and there should be no haram businesses allowed. They have insisted on developing a legal system on the basis of Islam and reject all other judicial methods.

People in Egypt have sacrificed many lives for a change. Now they wish to build a state that has the answer of all their worries they had been suffering. No matter how man people thoughtfully retaliate against the powerful government. Less people know how the state works and what school of thought they should vote for. Those who are sick of limitations of the earlier system and wish to live peacefully are being attracted by the moderate Islamic agenda and are looking for building a moderate state instead of a radical state.

Those who are not happy with the idea are Salafists and wish to build a state that has complete rule of Shariah and there is no room for the things that develop a culture for the acceptance of non-Islamic things. Whereas liberal parties discourage the idea and they are proposing a state with democracy instead of strict Shariah so they may get prosperous. According to the liberals, idea of a strict Muslim state is not good as it will end tolerance and acceptance for other religion which is not fair even Islam is against such discrimination. According to the non-Islamists, there should be liberty for general public to choose to listen to music or not. Such things should not be decided by the state as it may result in frustration and the state may end up being the victim of the militancy.

There are not only liberal Muslims who are opposing the idea; there are non-Muslim minorities who have showed their insecurity about the idea of being divided on the basis of a religion in one country. They opposed the idea and are struggling for a moderate state instead of the ultraconservative that causes problems for them. Some non-Muslim protestors have separated themselves from the moment and have make an alliance against the non-democratic ideas about the state formulation. They have showed their worries about a state that is strictly following the Shariah of a religion. However, a few f them see the idea a better choice and they are ready to be the part of the Sulfi agenda. A few groups have openly said that in Salafi government brotherhood spreads more than others as there is only one tax instead of many.

Salafits party is insisting on making a Shariah based government and are not ready to accept ay other system of politics. There are many people who are increasingly participating in the movement. According to a rough estimation, the Salafists are one fourth of the total participants. However, it is clear that people badly need a change as there has been a long dark period of oppression for the major Muslim countries and it seems as if the dark age of cruelty is over now. People will see the dawn of peaceful times soon.

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